‘Captain America: Civil War:’ Black Panther In Action On The Sets Of The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War:’ Black Panther In Action On The Sets Of The Movie

Recently, we witnessed the ongoing shoot of “Captain America: Civil War” in Berlin. In the shot one could see Captain America, Black Panther and the Winter Soldier. Main focus of the shot was the action scene that was to follow. As per the scene, both the characters were seen jumping from the rooftop to another platform on the building itself. Falcon too was seen on the sets, however, his character was waiting on the streets. It seemed like all of the characters were running from someone, but new updates suggest something else.

According to Movie Pilot, in the scene one could see the stuntmen of Black Panther and Winter Soldier suspended to cables and getting ready to perform stunts. The scene that also had Chris Evans’ stuntmen, gave an impression that the three of them are together on the same team maybe chasing someone or choosing to run from someone.

Being on the same team does not really apply for Black Panther because it has been reported earlier that he is going to offer a neutral perspective in the movie. However, new updates have revealed that in the scene when you see Black Panther jumping and running with the Winter Soldier on the rooftop, he is not actually running with him, he is in fact chasing the Winter Soldier with Captain America in hot pursuit.

If reports are to be believed, there will be a face-off between Black Panther and the Winter Soldier, probably because Winter Soldier in his brainwashed state killed quite a few people somehow associated with T’Challa. Naturally, Black Panther will hold the ex-assassin and Captain America’s best friend responsible for it and look forward to seeking justice for the ones who were killed.

The scene also reveals that Black Panther will have a personal vendetta against the Winter Soldier and not just him, but a minor disagreement with the Captain as well. Perhaps that is why it was important to show Captain America in the scene as well.

The reason why Black Panther was introduced in “Captain America: Civil War” was because the movie needed a fresh pair of eyes, someone who was not at all associated with the “Avengers.” “Captain America: Civil War” will be released on May 6th next year.

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Photo source: Facebook/Marvel Cinematic Universe

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