‘Captain America: Civil War’: Was Captain America Indirectly Responsible for Winter Soldier’s Creation? A Mysterious Character will Reveal All!

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’: Was Captain America Indirectly Responsible for Winter Soldier’s Creation? A Mysterious Character will Reveal All!

While the main focus of “Captain America: Civil War” continues to be on the now equation between Captain and Bucky, it is being believed that there will be someone in the movie, who will finally reveal the details about how Bucky became the Winter Soldier. Even though Bucky has regained parts of his memory, this still remains unknown as to how he reached here.


According to Movie Pilot, further cementing “Captain America: Civil War” as a Captain America film is the character of General Vasily Karpov, whose name showed up in the cast list of the movie. For all those who are unaware of Gen. Karpov, in the Captain America comics, he was accompanying Captain America and Bucky Barnes in a joint operation between the American and Russian forces to destroy one of the bases of HYDRA. In the operation looking at Captain America’s performance, Karpov thought Captain undermined him in front of his men and once the operation was over, he went his own way with a bit of a grudge in his mind for Captain. Later on, it was only when Captain and Bucky were sent on a mission to capture Baron Zemo, their drone crashed and both of them landed in the sea. While Captain’s body was preserved in the ice, Bucky was presumed to be dead.

It was at this moment that a presumed dead Bucky was found by Gen. Karpov and was brainwashed into becoming an assassin called Winter Soldier. Turning Captain’s best friend into a puppet was perhaps the best way to go about it. Till the end, General found solace in this fact. Coming over to the MCU, Bucky instead of falling in the sea and transformed by Karpov, fell somewhere in the mountains while trying to capture Zola and was transformed into the assassin by the HYDRA scientist. Since back in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Bucky was speaking in Russian instead of German, hints at the fact that Gen. Karpov must have some hand in Bucky’s transformation in the MCU too.

Maybe in the MCU, after Zola found Bucky, he enlisted the help of Gen. Karpov since he must not have that resources to make the transformation happen and since both Zola and Karpov have a mutual grudge/hatred for Captain America, both of them took good use of this opportunity and transformed Bucky. So when compared to the comics, Karpov was not the main reason for Bucky’s transformation, he must have been there only as a secondary help.


Variety added that a new International trailer of “Captain America: Civil War” has been released and it focuses more on Iron Man/Tony Stark’s stand on the Accords. “Captain America: Civil War” will release next year on May 6th.

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