‘Captain America: Civil War:’ The Iron Spider Suit’s Features Explained

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War:’ The Iron Spider Suit’s Features Explained

“Captain America: Civil War” is the movie everyone is looking for. After all it is about the former “Avengers” fighting against each other because their ideologies don’t meet. Every participating superhero in the movie will be expected to bring the best of his gadgets in a fight, especially if you have been given a gadget by a Billionaire, you will make sure to use it at all costs. With regards to this movie, Spider-Man could be the hero using a very fancy gadget.

According to Comicbook.com, Spider-Man will be making his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with “Captain America: Civil War” and there has been quite a little chatter about Peter using the Iron Spider suit in the movie. There are chances that he will use it when he will be on Tony Stark’s side, because Tony was the one who gifted him the high tech suit and the web slinger used it when he was on the Pro Registration side.

Now there were quite a few features that this Iron Spider suit boasted of and it was supposed to be made like that since it came from Tony. Some of the features on the suit included Stinger Ports, Waldoes, Glider device, Mask filter etc. Stinger Ports basically allowed Peter’s webbing to pass through the suit whereas Waldoes were these mechanical arms on the back of the suit. Glider devices aided Peter to fly (as if him swinging was just not enough) and then the Mask filter provided Peter with compressed air if he was in a situation where he could not breathe. The features listed here are very few because the list goes on and on and technically puts Peter in the superhuman category.

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Christian Post too added about the rumors that have surfaced online about whether Tom Holland’s web slinger will be putting on the Iron Spider suit or not in “Captain America: Civil War,” but nothing official about it has been announced yet. This means fans can only rely on certain theories and wait for Marvel Studios to reveal what they have planned for the web slinger.

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