‘Captain America: Civil War’: Martin Freeman Talks About his Role

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’: Martin Freeman Talks About his Role

 Captain America: Civil War” is the official entry of Marvel into its Phase 3. With a star-studded cast, which is said to be bigger than the “Avengers”, most of them are either reprising their roles or the ones who are being introduced with this movie have spoken in lengths about their role. All except one, Martin Freeman. However, he did throw some light on the character fans can expect to see him play. Read on.

According to Cinema Blend, the “Sherlock” star in an interview with an Italian website gave some information about his role. He mentioned that his character works for the American government. His character is said to have the responsibility of coordinating with superheroes and working with different agencies to help them control these superhero powers. He also added that his character is debatable and one can’t really put him on one side and definitely can’t put a tag of good or bad on him.

As believed earlier, the character description does not really add up to the British Prime Minister Edward Chase or Everett Ross as it was speculated earlier. It sounds more like another character called Henry Gyrich.

Henry Gyrich was believed to be a CIA agent and a government liaison to the “Avengers.” The character was first introduced in Marvel comics in 1977.

Earlier too, Freeman’s character was linked to the fictional African nation of Wakanda. It means his character will definitely have something important to do if he was to act as a bridge between the superhero team and the government. With a character that has lots of gray areas, it would be interesting to see what difference does the character make in the movie and whether will he do something to change the equation amongst the feuding heroes or just make it worse?

“Captain America: Civil War” will hit theatres on May 6, 2016.

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