‘Captain America: Civil War’: Martin Freeman’s role revealed

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’: Martin Freeman’s role revealed

Martin Freeman has played some of the most desired roles in the industry. From Bilbo Baggins in “Hobbit” franchise to Sherlock’s right hand man Dr. Watson in the modern adaptation of the detective’s story, he has proved why people’s attention should be towards him. One other role that he was associated with was in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War,” a role that many were interested in knowing about. Some details about what character will he be playing has come to light. Read on.

According to Yibada, Freeman will be playing the role of Edward Chase who is the British Prime Minister. Unlike the Prime Minister in real life, Martin’s character will be more of an antagonist one and would look to fix the “Avengers” since he thinks; they are the biggest problem there is. It is being said that once the mission that the superhero team will be embarking on finishes, Edward will be proposing a countermeasure to contain the activities of our superheroes. He was also speculated to be visiting Wakanda, the home of Black Panther that also happens to be the origin of Vibranium, the strongest element in the comic world. Vibranium is also the same magic material that was used to make Captain America’s shield. There are chances that Edward must be harboring ambitions of getting his hands on the metal somehow.

There are also speculations that he will be in contact with Ulysses Klaue. He was responsible for making Vibranium. He appeared in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” mentioning about the metal to a certain Prime Minister and there is a good chances that Edward is the same one.

Once the “Avengers” cause ruckus because of their mission, they will be asked to sign the Superhero Registration Act that will be have them regulated under government.

Tony will be signing it but the First Avenger will not be happy with the turn of events and rebel. This little rebellion will divide the Avengers and cause Civil War. However, fans no need to get disheartened because once both the titans will see through the entire situation, they will smell the presence of a conspiracy against them and reunite once again.

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