‘Captain America: Civil War’ Movie: Set Photos Released

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’ Movie: Set Photos Released

Ever since the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie has been released, loyal Marvel fans have been wondering where will the Marvel cinematic universe head to this time. With the conclusion of the movie which shows Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Hawkeye going their separate ways, fans can’t help but get excited on what will happen next. No wonder the excitement for “Captain America: Civil War” just keeps rising by the minute.

New York Daily News has reported the production for the “Captain America: Civil War” is currently on going. The website also revealed several photos taken from the set of the movie. Several reports claimed that Iron Man certainly won’t be the antagonist in the movie. Fights and differences amongst best of friends is common and just because Iron Man has an opposing point does not make him the villain of the movie.

The latest photos from the set of the movie shows the character of HYDRA agent Frank Grillo who will be playing the role of Crossbones, a newly turned assassin in a gruelling fight with Captain America and getting a strong hand on him. Crossbones is said to have been on a rampage seeking revenge on Captain America ever since the latter took him down severely injuring him in “Captain America: The Winter soldier.”

Another villain that the movie details revealed last time was the entry of Baron Zemo whose approach towards the entire situation is said to be different. The character won’t be involved directly in a fight but would be the root cause of a major conflict between Captain America and Iron Man whose disagreement will anyways divide the Avengers in two sides. Whatever the disagreement be, story for the upcoming movie has not been revealed yet and it is up to the makers whether they decide to go the comic way or not.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Captain America


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