‘Captain America: Civil War’: The Movie’s Most Epic Fight Scene Yet Revealed and Explained

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’: The Movie’s Most Epic Fight Scene Yet Revealed and Explained

If you thought you are now completely aware of all that is going to go down in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War,” you might have left out one detail. This particular detail is about the movie’s most epic fight scene that has just been revealed. No, it’s not the web slinger’s showdown with Captain America, it’s something even more interesting. Read on for more details.

According to Heroic Hollywood, this scene is the biggest action scene in the movie and will have some man-to-man action going down. Punches and blows way above than the average level, someone’s definitely going to get hurt. Until this point everyone is aware, that the “Avengers” are going to choose their side and fight for either Captain America or Iron Man.

However, there’s one such hero or rather recently redeemed as a hero who is going to do just a bit more for Captain America. Everyone is aware of perhaps the oldest friends in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), that being Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

Bucky aka The Winter Soldier will reportedly regain all his memories and rescued by Steve and Sam Wilson from an unknown place. After the Civil War begins, Bucky will naturally part with Steve since they are both from the World War era.

Recent reports reveal that Bucky is going to join Steve against Iron Man and take turns in taking him down. Until now, Captain America was the only hero who was going to fight Tony. However, the updates clarify that both Captain America and Winter Soldier will fight as a team against Iron Man.

The fight is being called more on the lines of a tag team fight, where both of them will take turns to fight the self-obsessed billionaire. But, Iron Man will also reportedly be prepared for it as he will be sporting the Bleeding Edge armor aka Mark 46. It will enhance his intellect and abilities to superhuman levels.

Comicbook.com reported that the tag-team fight will certainly live up to the movie’s name and fans will be left salivating when the actual fight features in the movie. Bucky truly is an example of a true friend for he has been fighting alongside Captain since the World War days just before he was separated from his best friend. Steve surely would be so happy to see his best bud fighting alongside him and doing what he does best, helping him unconditionally.

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