‘Captain America: Civil War’: Robert Downey Jr Gives Update On Iron Man and Captain America Feud

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’: Robert Downey Jr Gives Update On Iron Man and Captain America Feud

Robert Downey Jr. who is going to be a major part of the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” is no breaking news. The fact that he is not really supporting Captain America by being on his side is also not new. Anyone who has ever been a fan of the franchise knows that both the heroes love to be on the opposite sides quite often. But with the latest developments it is starting to become quite evident that Iron man aka Robert Downey Jr. is in full mood to give the fight his best shot.

According to Movie Pilot, it seems that Robert has decided to NOT make it easy for the fans of this franchise to decide whom they want to believe in. In one of his latest tweets, the actor asked Marvel fans along with his own fans to choose which side they would like to be in? He also made it a point to attach a picture that he posted on Instagram where he said how he along with others have been working through the weekends just for the audiences.

If we were to consider the comic book story, things went awry between the two protagonists when they had a slight difference of opinion with respect to the Superhero Registration Act that was proposed by the American government after one of missions undertaken by the Avengers. Tony aka Iron Man comes in full support of the act but Steve Rogers aka Captain America finds it a bit offensive and declines to part with it. When realising that the WWII veteran won’t back down or co-operate with the government, Iron Man takes it on himself to reason with Captain but that ends in a brutal death battle with each member of the team taking sides according to their beliefs.

In the end, Captain America has a rather unsavoury end and audiences will certainly hope that the movie adaptation won’t take everything from the comic line. As of now the great divide between the heroes has already begun trending on social media and with Robert Downey Jr. asking fans to support their favorite side, we can only hope to look at a greater divide that will just add fuel to the fire. Thank you Mr. Downey.

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Photo source: Facebook/Captain America

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