‘Captain America: Civil War’: Steve Rogers Reunites With Best Friend Bucky Barnes

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’: Steve Rogers Reunites With Best Friend Bucky Barnes

So the recent photos of Black Panther did not go unnoticed at all. Many fans went crazy after they got to see the Wakandan hero’s first look. However, there was one another element who many believe will prove to be the real revelation in the movie. Captain America aka Steve Rogers’ best friend turned brainwashed assassin Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier.

According to Christian Post, in the scene one could see Black Panther, the Winter Soldier and Captain America involved in some kind of running scene, which was later revealed that Black Panther was in fact chasing the Winter Soldier. There was, however, one more scene that was described in the recently released photos, which reveal further more details.

The scene seems to be in continuation of the chase scene. Bucky can be seen running alongside Sam Wilson’s Falcon and from the photos it looks like they are running to help Captain America from someone. The scene seems to be near an airport and hints at the fact that the aftermath of the scene will not be good at all. This clearly means that Bucky has regained his memories, which can be proven by the first footage that was released at D23. The same “Ant-Man” post credits scene was included where one could see the Winter Soldier trapped however there was something new. He mentioned Steve’s mother’s name and certainly that will re-instate Steve’s trust in Bucky.

Also, if you notice closely then Bucky in the end of “Captain America: Winter Soldier” was roaming around in the museum and stopped at the wall which had accounts of fallen heroes of the Second World War. He did see himself there and perhaps that leads him to find out more about his true self and in the process does recollect everything that he forgot. Currently this is just a theory, but “Captain America: Civil War” will certainly explain the cause for Bucky regaining his memories back. The movie will release on May 6th next year.

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Photo source: Facebook/Captain America

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