‘Captain America: Civil War’ Update: Which Side Will The Heroes Choose?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’ Update: Which Side Will The Heroes Choose?

We all know “Captain America: Civil War” will not just be a battle between the two former allies, but it will also tear down our favorite superheroes into two teams. Due to ideological differences heroes will choose who they want to side with and with that happening, the battle will be messier than we think. Lots of  theories have been going around about who would be supporting Captain America and who would be with Iron Man. We take a look at one of the possibilities. In this split of teams, we will be considering all the heroes that have been introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to Cinema Blend, just like the original comic book line, some heroes will be supporting the ‘Superhero Registration Act’ strongly supported by Iron Man/Tony Stark while others will be firmly against it, thus forming the anti-side anchored by Captain America/Steve Rogers. First of all, the two leading men’s immediate associates will be taken into consideration. War Machine has been with Iron Man for a long time and Falcon has been a dear friend to Captain America so they will be straightaway parting with the people they have had the longest association with. The Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes who is also said to be a part of the movie, has been Captain America’s oldest friend since the Second World War days. Most of the movie will probably see his recovery and remembering the old memories he has forgotten. Once he gets those back, he will choose to be with old pal Steve. Vision on the other hand who has a proximity to JARVIS, might join the Iron Man team and he realizes the kind of powers he has and given his truthful and optimistic nature, he will want to register for the act.

Hawkeye has a family and there’s nothing that he would want more than to protect them. In accordance with the ‘Superhero Registration Act,’ he might have to give away his identity and that means his enemies too might come to know who he is and indirectly his family, including wife and three children, could be endangered. Given this case, he would choose to be with Captain. Even though Black Widow has been on missions with Captain and for a short period of time she has been an assistant to Iron Man, she only did that because it was her mission to do. That makes her highly unpredictable, so for now we can guess that she would choose to stay away from the battle. Scarlet Witch along with her deceased brother Quicksilver always had a grudge against Tony Stark because it was Stark’s weapons that caused their parents death. So there are chances she would be fighting for Captain as well.

Other heroes like Black Panther has already been stated as someone who will have a neutral view in the battle. Thor is probably not expected to return because he has his Ragnarok problems to deal with. Hulk’s presence is still not known because he wandered off somewhere. Ultimately, the battle will only remain a focus for some time because there is a common enemy and a bigger threat in the movie for which the heroes will have to unite once again.

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