‘Captain America: Civil War’ Update: Trailer To Be Unveiled At Disney’s D23 Expo 2015

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Captain America: Civil War’ Update: Trailer To Be Unveiled At Disney’s D23 Expo 2015

No first look of “Captain America: Civil War” was released at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, maybe Marvel Studios do have a strategy when it comes to their upcoming superhero movie. If reports are to be believed then the movie’s first look will be launched at Disney’s event D23 Expo 2015.

According to International Business Times, the event will be held from August 14-16, where Marvel is expected to present their movie. Disney has released an official statement about the D23 Expo. According to the official statement, this exclusive Hall D23 presentation will be featuring a tour of upcoming live action projects from Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm.

Apart from Marvel, who will reportedly present their movie, first look of other movies like “Star Wars: Force Awakens,” and “Jungle Book” could also be unveiled. Whether or not Marvel will be launching the first teaser trailer for “Captain America: Civil War” is still unknown, however, cast members of the movie, including Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. along with others, are confirmed to be present. But since Disney’s official statement has mentioned that first look of projects from their own banner, Marvel and Lucasfilm will be shown, there are chances that a teaser trailer from “Captain America: Civil War” will also be shown and released later for everyone.

The movie pits former “Avengers” allies against each other as one of the missions of the superhero team results in collateral damage and that forces the government to pass a Superhero Registration Act and later ask superheroes to register with it. This is where things start to get uneasy as superheroes form sides. Some of them support it while others don’t. Captain America leads the anti-registration side while Iron Man leads the pro registration side.

It remains to be seen whether Marvel premieres the first look of “Captain America: Civil War” at the event or not. The movie will hit theaters on May 6th next year.

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Photo source: Facebook/Marvel Cinematic Universe

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