Cara Delevingne Quits Her First Lady Love St. Vincent?

By Pradeep Singh | 2 years ago
Cara Delevingne Quits Her First Lady Love St. Vincent?

Cara Delevingne, who recently stated that being bisexual is ‘not a phase, has ended relationship with her first lady love St. Vincent after dating her for long two years. What led to the break up, which was going so strong? Read the full article for more details.

Cara Delevingne, 22, fell in love with the Vincent, 32, when she was just 20. The couple was having a strong bond and was going strong. The break up is fresh as the couple has recently posted their pic on Instagram.

The split between the actress and the singer-songwriter shock their fans as Delevingne was seen gushing about Vincent in Vogue’s July edition. The “Paper Town” star said that the big reason of her happiness and smile is her girlfriend whom she loves and spends most of her time these days. “And for those words to come out of my mouth is actually a miracle,” she added.

This statement of Delevingne comes as a shock for many as she boldly expressed her affinity for both sexes, which she wasn’t sure to accept wholeheartedly. But, of course, she did.

She said that women inspire her and also hurt her. It had taken a long time for her to accept that she is attracted towards the same sex, until her heart fell in love with Vincent at the age of 20. She, then, accepted it, said Delevingne.

Meanwhile, She has recently said that her modeling career was full of stress and was often making her physically ill. She said, “It was killing my soul,” adding that the fashion world has a “lemon effect.” She described modeling — “I’ll pick you up, squeeze everything I can out of you and throw you away for the next one.”

She said that when you are in love with someone, you can stay with him as if no one else is there, and acting is just like that. If you move on with that same feeling then there won’t be any problem when you look at the face of another actor.

Cara Delevingne’s decison to quit her modeling career, citing health reasons, has brought her about half a dozen movies, but now ending up relation with St. Vincent even when they were going strong, seems as if the “Suicide Squad” star may have some future career plans. What it could be? Does Cara Delevingne has really some misunderstanding with St. Vincent or the split is a mutually designed plan? What are your thoughts? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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