Carey’s Sister Reaches Out

By admin | 6 years ago

The estranged sister of entertainer and singer Mariah Carey has reached out to her sister in an attempt to end the disagreement that has kept them apart for a number of years.

Carey’s sister Alison Carey Scott is a former prostitute and has tested positive for HIV. She had a falling out with her now famous sister back in 1994. The two have not communicated with one another for much of the last 15 years. Scott, a former drug user now would like to make things right with her younger sister, as she would desperately like to meet her famous sister’s twins.

She told a British tabloid she wanted to reach out to Mariah and let her know how much she is missed and how proud her older sister is that the two are sisters. She said it was hard to put into the right words how emotional she was to see her niece and nephew’s photos.

She said her sister’s kids were adorable. She also feels Mariah will be an excellent mother and Nick Cannon; Mariah’s husband will be an excellent father as well. She would like to be a sister to Mariah again and a proper aunt to her niece and nephew.

Carey’s older sister said she knows the two have had many problems, but she wanted to contact her with the hope of making peace and mending the fences that separated them so many years ago.

She also tried to contact Mariah about a year ago when she had a cancer scare, but her younger sister did not return her calls. She was told she had liver cancer and wanted to speak to Mariah since doctors told her she only had four months to live. The liver cancer ended up being a gallstone nevertheless, Mariah did not get in touch.

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