Cast Mourns for ‘One Big Happy’ Cancellation

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Cast Mourns for ‘One Big Happy’ Cancellation

After a series of mixed reviews and continuously low ratings, NBC finally decided to cancel its midseason sitcom “One Big Happy.” The cast expressed their sadness over the news on social media. Read on for details.

Deadline confirmed NBC’s move in cancelling the show. To date, the site also reported taht the “Undateable” is the only comedy show left for NBC.

British actress Kelly Brook posted on Instagram a black-and-white photo of her and her co-stars. She wrote on the caption how “grateful” she was to be a part of the show. It was because “One Big Happy” gave her the “most incredible, creatively challenging and most rewarding job.” She said she would miss her co-stars who “laughed, cried and ate a lot of Cheese” with her for almost two years. She claimed she would be friends with them “for life not just a Season.”

“Going off to cry now,” Brook wrote.

Another “One Big Happy” star tweeted about her sentiments. Elisha Cuthbert thanked the show’s fans for the unwavering support. She said she was honored to play the role of Lizzy.

MailOnline also confirmed the show’s cancellation. It was when an insider revealed that NBC was firm in stopping press releases regarding the bad news. The source revealed that it was “a huge snub” for the world-renowned host Ellen DeGeneres, who produced the show. It also claimed that Brook would have a hard time getting back on her feet because of the “dramatic flop from her career.”

Critics all over the internet have described “One Big Happy” with harsh words such as “obvious, dumb and unfunny.” Poor casting was also criticized like Brook’s “unconvincing” and “calamitous” performance. Top review site Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a mere 18 percent rating.

“One Big Happy” also starred Nick Zano. It focused on the life of a pregnant lesbian, Lizzy, who was having the child of her best friend, Luke. She eventually encountered Luke’s girlfriend, Prudence, who was completely open to the arrangement.

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Photo Source: Facebook/One Big Happy 

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