Castle Recap: Child’s Play

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Castle Recap: Child’s Play
Nathan Fillion speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. (July 13, 2012) Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

“Castle” Season 7 Episode 4 “Child’s Play” aired last Monday, Oct. 20, 2014 at 10:00 pm on ABC. In this episode, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) went back to elementary school as the only witness to the murder they were investigating was a second grader. Meanwhile, Alexis Castle (Molly C. Quinn) found it hard to let her father go out on his own without knowing where he was. She was still afraid of losing him as a result of his two-month mysterious disappearance. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, an ice cream truck rolled onwards and smashed into a wall. However, all of a sudden, someone ran out of the ice cream truck, exposing a dead body inside.  

Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) were stuffed to the brim as Castle’s daughter, Alexis Castle (Molly C. Quinn), and his mother, Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan) had prepared a wonderful dinner for them. However, Alexis would not allow them to help with the dishes, and Martha insisted that they eat desert, as she had gotten Castle’s favorite ice cream flavor- Potato Chip Fudge. Kate  found it a little bit strange that until now, Alexis was pampering her father a lot since he had returned from his mysterious two-month disappearance. However, before they could finish their desert, they were called away as they had a new murder to solve.

At the crime scene, Detectives Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) informed Castle and Kate that the victim, 22-year-old Anton Vetotchkin, was the son of the owner of the ice cream truck he was found it. Medical examiner Lanie Paris (Tamala Jones) told them that the victim had taken two gunshots in the chest, which led Detective Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) to believe that the killer had killed Anton in the ice cream truck before running. Back at the precinct, Anton’s parents were in shock as Anton had never caused any trouble in his life. In fact, he was taking night classes at a Community College, studying graphic design.  However, Anton’s mother did remember that he had been upset the night before when he had arrived from class.

Ryan and Esposito learned from his graphic design teacher, Natalie Barnes (Bess Rous), that during class, while Anton was working on an assignment, he had started shaking, like he was terrified of something, and ran out of the room. She also remembered that he had gotten into a bright green old Camry with a man, and she gave them a partial plate number. However, when they tried to take a look at what Anton had been working on, they were surprised to find that all of his work had been erased. Their interview was cut short as Ryan was called by the Crime Scene Investigation Unit. He then called Kate and Castle to meet him there as he had discovered something.

Back at the crime scene, Ryan, Kate and Castle discovered that based on the blood spatter on the doors of a small cabinet near the floor of the truck that somebody, a witness, had hidden there while Anton was being murdered. Based on the fact that the cabinet was small and narrow, and because a permission slip for Kennedy Elementary School was on the floor of the cabinet, they concluded that their witness was one of the second graders in Mrs. Ruiz’s class.

However, when they went to the school, they discovered that the detectives who had interviewed the children had no luck in figuring out who the witness was. As they knew that children would only open up to someone who is almost like a peer to them, Kate enlisted the help of the childlike Castle to visit Mrs. Ruiz’s class to figure out who their witness was. While Castle tried to look for the witness in Mrs. Ruiz’s class, Kate returned to the precinct to follow up on more leads that had turned up in their investigation.

At Mrs. Ruiz’s second grade class, even if things started out a little bit rocky, Castle was able to get their attention by telling them to write down any kind of story on a piece of paper. He did this, as he hoped that one of the children would leave a clue on the printed page, as a memory that traumatic would definitely leave a mark, and somehow, it would reflect in one of their stories. Among the stories that he read, he was able to find a lead- one of the students, Jack, had written about a giant with a gun. However, as he played with Jack who was playing around with toy soldiers on the playground field revealed that the giant with a gun was from a movie that he had watched with his brother the day before. Right before dismissal, Castle got himself into a little trouble, as the children had stolen his wallet and tossed it around, taunting him to catch it. After they were dismissed, a little girl named Emily gave back his wallet and told him, before she left, that bad things sometimes happened to her, and that she had not wanted to tell her teacher about it earlier. As she left with her mother, she asked Castle if he was going to be there the next day, so that they could have a tea party, which could be used as an opportunity to figure out if Emily was the witness, especially after they learned that as her 14-year-old brother had failed to watch her properly the day before when their parents were out, which would have allowed Emily to slip out unnoticed.

Meanwhile, Kate, Ryan and Esposito discovered that the car Anton had gotten into belonged to an ex-cop named Clark Jaffe, and that Anton got into Jaffe’s car after he had called him using a payphone as Anton did not have a cellphone. Jaffe apparently lived a Spartan lifestyle as well, as his car did not have GPS, and did not have an EZ Pass. However, based on security camera footage, they discovered that both Anton had gone into a shipping store one hour after the other on the same day. They then discovered that Anton and Jaffe had shared a single post office box, which did not get any mail at all. This led them to believe that the two were using the box as a dead drop. They also learned from the store owner that they often came and that they, usually, came one hour after the other. However, yesterday, the store owner had gotten a call from a Russian who had asked about Anton. When Anton learned about it, he had panicked and left the store right away in search of a phone so that he could call someone up. This had happened at 3:00 PM, two hours before Anton was murdered. They also discovered that Jaffe had been killed before Anton and that his place had been ransacked.

The next day, Castle agreed with Kate that Alexis was getting a little bit over protective as she had insisted that he finish his breakfast before leaving, and even packed him some lunch.

During recess, as promised, Castle became a fairy princess and joined Emily in her magical tea party. She then revealed that Jason, one of her classmates who had insulted Castle the previous day, constantly bullied her. Castle then told her that “people do mean things” because it made “them feel strong”, but for those who are bullied, their real strength is inside. He then advised that the next time Jason bullied her, she should use her inner strength, and “let it go”. Once Jason sees that she isn’t bothered by what he had done, he would stop bullying her.

Castle was disappointed that he was not yet able to find the witness, but Mrs. Ruiz applauded him as he had gotten Emily to confide in him, which meant that he had earned the trust of the children. However, they were interrupted by Jason who was screaming as Emily had taken Castle’s advice literally and had used her inner strength and “let it go”. Because of this, Castle got sent to the principal’s office. The principal told him that as Jason’s parents were high-powered lawyers, they usually don’t go against them. The principal also told Castle that their “little experiment” had to end, as Castle had not yet been able to find the witness.

Back at the precinct, both Kate and Ryan hit dead ends as both Anton and Jaffe had clean financials and records, which meant that they were probably not doing anything illegal. Then, Esposito informed them that they were able to find the bodega where Anton had placed a call the day before, right after he came from the shipping store. He had called Dimitri Kalenkov, a mob enforcer. However, when they went to his house, they discovered that he had been shot dead by the same person who had killed both Anton and Jaffe. As there was the chair with a car battery, electrical cords and leads near Dimitri Kalenkov’s body, they immediately suspected that he might have been tortured. However, Lanie ruled that out as Dimitri had sustained a blunt force trauma to the head, and whoever had been in the chair had broken free and knocked him over with it. As Esposito and Kate left the house, Ryan informed them that Anton’s parents had just called him, as their place had also been ransacked, which led them to the conclusion that the killer was looking for something that Jaffe and Anton might have.

After taking a look at Anton’s house, they discovered that he had a stash of blank passports hidden in a vent, which led them to believe that he had been forging passports. They also learned that Dimitri and Anton were childhood friends, as they had grown up in the same village back in Georgia.

At school, Castle, after saying goodbye to Mrs. Ruiz’s class found that someone had slipped a drawing of an ice cream truck into his pocket. During recess, to their surprise, they discovered that Jason was the witness they were looking for. However, he told Kate that he had not been there inside the truck, but his older sister, Natalie Barnes had been there, because Anton was her friend. After Kate interrogated her, they discovered that she, Jaffe and Anton had been helping illegal Russians to go back to Russia, because in America, they were stuck working for places like sweatshops, and their papers were usually taken away from them. She told them that he had gotten upset the other day when he was asked to make a passport of a man that he knew from his past, and had called up a friend, Dimitri, in order to confirm the identity of the man, Polkovnik, who was wanted for war crimes as he had wiped out Anton’s and Dimitri’s village in Georgia. Polkovnik had killed Jaffe, and when Anton saw him coming to the truck, he had told Natalie to hide in the cabinet of the truck so that she could be safe. She then told them that she had a picture of Polkovnik in an envelope which she had hidden in her. Polkovnik wanted the picture back, as nobody actually knew how he looked like, so if his picture got out, then he would be able to be captured more easily.

Kate and Castle tried to look for the envelope at Natalie’s apartment, but it was nowhere to be found. Castle then asked Natalie if she had hidden the envelope in an old Polaroid camera case, and she told him that she had. Castle had remembered it as Jason had brought it to school for show and tell. They were able to find the envelope and the picture in Jason’s school desk, but they were suddenly ambushed by Polkovnik who had heard their entire conversation in Natalie’s room as he had been there to look for the picture, and had hidden under the bed when Castle and Kate came in. Thanks to the fact that he slipped on some marbles that Castle had thrown on the floor, he was arrested by Kate.

The next day, after saying goodbye to the class, Castle discovered that Alexis had put a tracking application on his phone so that she would know where he was. He came home late to a very worried Alexis. Castle, who had brought in two scooters told her that he knew why she was acting like that. Alexis admitted that ever since he had gotten back, she had been worried that she would lose him again just like last time. He then told her that he knew how that felt as he had felt the same way about her after she got kidnapped and was brought to Paris. He then ordered her to stop acting like an adult, and to behave a kid, especially as he had bought them scooters to try out. The two then rode their scooters out as they went out for some pizza.

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