Castle Recap: Clear and Present Danger

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Castle Recap: Clear and Present Danger
Nathan Fillion speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. (July 13, 2012) Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

“Castle” Season 7 Episode 3 “Clear and Present Danger” aired last Monday, Oct. 13, 2014 at 10:00 pm on ABC. In this episode, the team investigated a murder in which the victim was killed by an “Invisible Force” or an “Invisible Man”. However, their investigation made them realize that not seeing is believing, and that things were not always what they seemed to be. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened at a man’s apartment, where he was enjoying himself playing pool and drinking beer. There was a knock on his door, and  when he opened it, however, no one was there at his door. After looking around, he became scared and ran into his apartment quickly.

At Richard Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) loft, he and his fiancée, Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) looked at each other, deciding what to do for the night. Just as they were going to head to the bedroom for a little tryst, since they had not had one since Castle’s disappearance, Kate’s cellphone rang as they had a new case.

The murder victim was 25-year-old man named William Fairwick who was skewered with a pool cue. Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) came in late smelling like wine, as he claimed that he just had dinner out with Jenny, his wife.

Based on the trail of debris, whoever caused the mess was left-handed. They also discovered that there were no signs of forced entry because the windows were locked and the $ 20,000 cash was still in his sock drawer. His keycard showed that he worked for a company called Greenblatt Insurance.

Their investigation was then interrupted by his neighbor, Henry Wright. Henry knew William because they played an online game called Terra Quest together as illustrated by the East Mountain Goblins shirt he was wearing. He also informed them that foul play might have come from how he got his money, as his real job was pool hustling.

Kate and Castle then headed to Chelsea Billiards, where he usually worked and interviewed the club’s owner, Mr. Shepard. From him, they learned that he got a lot from working there, and that they usually hustled Wall Street types who could afford to lose a lot. However, recently, he also started hustling in a club known for felons and convicts called O’Neil’s in Brooklyn. William had also told him that he was good at pool because he "made a deal with the devil" and that he had been nervous as he said that "his time was up" and that "he was going to lose his soul".

According to the security footage of the building where William lived, the door had opened and then had closed. However, there was no sign of the intruder at all on the cameras. Castle then decided to come up with one of his crazy theories. He claimed that the devil was the one who had murdered William.

Castle and Kate were going to call a night and continue their previously interrupted romantic tryst when  medical examiner Lanie Parish (Tamala Jones) called them. She informed them that based on the injuries on his left wrist, William was left handed and that he had thrashed around the room with pool cue.

Ryan then came in to inform them that just recently, William had recently got into a fight at Chelsea with an ex-convict named Jiggy Michaels who was known for breaking and entering, and was nicknamed “The Ghost”. They also learned that Michaels had been hustled out of $ 20,000, the same amount that was found in William’s sock drawer.

After questioning, Jiggy Michaels they learned that he was around Chelsea as his boyfriend lived near the area. He also said that William had cheated him out of his money, and that while they were playing, it seemed like the cue ball was possessed, as it magically kept on going to where William would get great shots. However, the next day, William tried to give him back the $ 20,000 and wanted some help to case out a brownstone house located on the Upper East Side. After making a couple of inquiries, Kate learned from the address that Michaels gave them, that that place had been broken into, and Tom Talmadge, a billionaire who created HYTCH, the car share ride service application, had been attacked, and was hospitalized.

At the hospital, Talmadge refused to give a statement at first, and then informed them that when he had gotten home that day, he had this feeling that he was being watched. And then, all of a sudden, something had thrown him to the ground, and tried to suffocate him, but he could not see who it was. Then, after he came to after blacking out, he saw William in his apartment, yelling at someone to stop and that “killing him wasn’t the deal”. Whatever it was, Talmadge claimed that William had saved his life.

Back at the precinct, Castle said that the one who had attacked Talmadge and who killed William was one of the devil’s minions. Kate, who still did not believe in Castle’s theories, decided to double check the security footage of William’s building. However, despite the fact that no one had been in or out the evidence locker, the DVD had gone missing. After Kate called William’s building, she learned that despite the fact that no one had been near the security room since the police were there, all of their footage had been erased. This led Castle to believe that since whoever or whatever it was needed to destroy the evidence, that the culprit was an "Invisible Man".

Detective Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) then informed them that William had been calling one number regularly- Professor Donna Brooks from Hudson University, a marine biology professor. She informed them that they were currently dating. They used to date before when they both attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, he had left MIT during his first semester due to a breakdown.  While Castle tried to play around with Donna’s cuttlefish in an aquarium, she told them that recently, he had been paranoid, and told her that he was being watched by “them”.

At the precinct, Ryan informed that Greenblatt Insurance had listed William as a remote employee. However, they only had offices in Chicago, and he had never gone there. However, it didn’t add up since the keycard was scratched, making them think that the New York office of Greenblatt was just a front. However, as William’s keycard was in his apartment, Kate and Castle went there to retrieve it.

At the apartment, Kate, who had gotten the keycard was suddenly attacked by an invisible attacker, who also attacked Castle when he tried to help Kate.

At the apartment, Kate, who was holding the keycard, was suddenly attacked and was being strangled by an invisible assailant, who was trying to grab the keycard from her. After Castle tried to get the invisible assailant from Kate, he was attacked, and then the assailant left the room. However, the keycard was safe, as the assailant had managed to grab Castle’s credit card, who kept the key card safe.

After reporting the incident to Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson), and leaving out the part that their attacker was invisible, the pair decided to finally have that tryst that they kept on pushing back. As they had heard strange noises around the loft, Castle hung pots and ladels on strings so that they could be alerted to any invisible intruders. However, they were interrupted yet again as Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan), Castle’s mother, had walked into the pots and pans.

Meanwhile, Esposito noticed that Ryan had body glitter, and a scratch on his neck, and found out that Ryan had gotten a job as a bouncer at a male strip club in order to earn enough for his daughter's school tuition fees.

Meanwhile, technician Tory Ellis told them that the keycard was very sophisticated and that there was no way she could trace it. However, Kate was able to trace the company that made the lanyard of the keycard, who led them to an unregistered floor in a building. When they finally got inside, they were assaulted by several men in suits with guns. Their leader then told them that they had to leave and that if they did not, they would be charged with a Federal offense. This made Castle believe that they were in a top secret government facility that did experiments with invisibility. This statement made the lead scientist, Dr. Elena Sarkov, who informed them that they were a group like DARPA, who experimented on cloaking, and that William was their lead scientist, and as an anarchist, called his job a “deal with the devil." 

They also informed her, in turn, that they had been attacked by an invisible person recently. However, she said that it was impossible for it to be related to them as only the Chinese had gotten close to breaking through to make the suit actually work. She said that she was sure that it was the Chinese as they had launched a cyber attack on their systems. However, Castle, upon looking at the virus flashing on the monitors, realized that the virus was the work of Henry Wright, as one of the symbols in the virus was that of an East Mountain Goblin from Terra Quest.

They then learned that Henry had cleared out from his apartment and that he worked as a hacker who would test cyber defenses of big companies. They also learned that Henry and Talmadge had been classmates at the California Institute of Technology and that Henry had filed a lawsuit against Talmadge, claiming that Talmadge had stolen his code to create Hytch. Thanks to Castle, they were able to trace Henry’s avatar to an underground gaming den.

After questioning Henry, they learned that he had helped William to make a working suit, and did indeed use the suit to try to look for evidence at Talmadge’s house that would prove that he stole Henry’s code. However, Tom had come home early, and he had snapped. He also informed them that since he and William had believed that the suit was too much power for the government to handle, they were going to destroy it, and in doing so, they decided to sabotage the government facility. He also told them that William’s equations for cloaking came from the cuttlefish- nature’s king of camouflage. This made them realize that William had been going out with Donna to get at her research on cuttlefish.

Castle and Kate then confronted Donna, who ran from them, and used the invisibility suit to escape. However, they were able to catch her after dousing her with the fire extinguisher to see where she was. It turned out that she had used the suit to exact revenge on William as she felt hurt that he only used her. Later, the invisibility cloak was returned to the government researchers.

Later that night, as Kate and Castle were finally alone, they were able to have their little romantic night together.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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