Castle Recap: Hollander’s Woods

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Castle Recap: Hollander’s Woods
Nathan Fillion speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. (July 13, 2012) Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Castle” Season 7 Episode 23 “Hollander’s Woods” aired last Monday, May 11, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, the team investigated a murder that reopened old wounds for Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), after discovering that this murder is similar to the murder he had witnessed as a child which in turn, had inspired him to become a mystery writer. Meanwhile, Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) came to a turning point in her life after undergoing a life changing performance review. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a young woman running away from someone in the woods. It was only to find herself in the middle of the road with an oncoming truck about to hit her.

The next morning, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) was left with a dilemma. He did not know which headshot to use during next week’s ceremony, as he was going to receive the Poe’s Pen Career Achievement Award, the highest achievement a mystery writer could ever hope to get.

Castle and Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) were then called away to a crime scene in the woods, where a young woman had been found dead with three small crosses on her face. After interviewing the truck driver about the figure that he had seen emerge from the woods, Castle realized that they were dealing with the man he had seen in Hollander’s Woods in New Hampshire when he was a kid.

He then told Kate that when he was younger, during a weekend-long holiday, in February of 1983,  he had stayed at a friend’s house, and had wandered into the woods during the night. There, he had seen a black cloaked figure, wearing the same mask that the truck driver had described. After the figure had disappeared, Castle had discovered the body of a woman, with the same markings on her face. The figure had then placed a knife at his throat and warned him not to tell anyone. Castle then told her that later on, he thought that he had gone crazy. She thinks that he had just imagined it, and that this was the reason why he had become a mystery writer. However, now, they knew that it was real.

They then discovered that their Jane Doe had indeed gone to the coffeeshop whose receipt they found on her, and thanks to a search of her motel room, they discovered that she was looking for someone and was tracking down specific license plates.

After getting in touch with the Jane Doe’s father, they discovered that she, Emma Molloy (Chelsea Gonzalez) had gone to New York. It was after her friend, Zoey Addison, had gone missing while on her way to stay with them. Police had found her boyfriend’s car abandoned on the side of the road. Because of this, Kate told Detective Javier “Javi” Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Wever) to see if there was any case thirty years ago with the same pattern. Kate was then told by Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Jerald Johnson) that she was going to have a performance review that night.

Thanks to Tory Ellis (Maya Stojan), they discovered that the car belonged to a Noah Lewis (Cullen Douglas). He had been hiding out in his dead mother’s house. However, they lost him as they chased him. They also discovered that the same pattern had been repeated before, complete with the abandoned car, thirty years ago, which meant that Castle was right about the killer.

Later that night. Castle reassured his daughter, Alexis (Molly C. Quinn), who was worried as she was a junior in college, and still didn’t know what she wanted to do, that she would be amazing in anything that she did.

Meanwhile, Kate was grilled about the way she did things, and was told that she wasn’t qualified to be a detective. After defending herself and her position as Castle’s wife, she was told that the entire thing had been an audition of sorts, as they wanted her to run for New York State Senate. Afterwards, she told Castle that she had to choose between being a captain or a senator. He then reassured her that whatever she decided, he would “back her play”.

They then interrogated Lewis, who had been arrested, but they couldn’t find any link to any of the murders. However, Castle, after visiting Lewis’ psychologist, Dr. Van Holtzman (Wallace Langham), realized that Van Holtzman was the killer as he had recognized his voice. At first, Kate didn’t believe in him. She decided to back his play after discovering that Van Holtzman had a barn in a secluded area.

There, Castle confronted Van Holtzman. He managed to shoot him with Kate’s gun while Van Holtzman held a knife to his throat.

During the awards ceremony, Castle, in his speech, told them that he had become who he was because of everyone he had met who had influenced him, including Javi, Ryan, his mother, Alexis, and most importantly, his wife-Kate. After Castle toasted to the fact that they will always be friends, they all got called away as there was a new murder to solve.

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