‘Castle’ Recap: ‘What Lies Beneath’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Castle’ Recap: ‘What Lies Beneath’
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“Castle” Season 8 Episode 4 “What Lies Beneath” aired last Monday, October 12, 2015  at 10:00 PM on ABC. In this episode, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and the rest of the crew investigate the death of one of thier literary heroes, only to find out that the man and that legend wasn’t really who he truly said he was. The episode also highlighted the secrets and lies that most of the characters were hiding behind the other character’s backs. Meanwhile, Captain Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) continued to work on her own case secretly with Vikram Singh (Sunkrish Bala). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a man getting shot inside a church late at night while he was praying, which also broke the stained glass in front of him.

The next morning, Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan) came to visit Captain Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) at the precinct, where she had just thrown the coffee that she had just made. There, Martha told her to be more honest to herself and to Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), after she reassured her that she and Castle were not getting a divorce. They were then interrupted as she received a call that a murder had taken place, and sent Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Detective Javier “Javi” Esposito (Jon Huertas) over there, where they found the victim, Dave Johnson (Jeff Davis), the man who was shot at the beginning of the episode, already being examined by Medical Examiner Dr. Lanie Parish (Tamala Jones).


On the way, Esposito suggested Ryan that they take the upcoming Sergeant’s Exam together so that they could get promoted, and as Ryan also needed the extra money.

Meanwhile, Castle managed to secure Wendy Johnson (Lise Simms), the wife of the victim, as a client, as it turned out that Dave Johnson was really P. J. Moffett, one of the Castle family’s literary heroes. Wendy also told them that her husband had been working as a janitor in order to do extensive research for his next book, and told them that he had been a little bit worried, especially as his next book was supposed to be about the Mafia.

Ryan and Esposito then talked to Milton Cicero (Jerry O’Donnell), a city employee close to the mob, as Dave had talked to him that night before and had been asking questions about union kickbacks in city hall. They then discovered that Dave was really a renowned gangster who had a bounty on his head for ratting out his entire crew, and that he really wasn’t P.J. Moffett.

After discovering that Irish mob hitman Billy O’Rourke was in town to kill Dave or Jimmy, they tracked him down to his hotel room.

It turned out that Billy had realized that Dave wasn’t Jimmy at all, and had been watching “The Lion King” at the time that Dave had been killed. However, he did point them to former con artist Eric Logan whom he had seen Dave arguing with when he had grabbed him thinking that he was Jimmy.


They then tracked Eric to a hotel, where they bumped into Castle who had placed a tracker on Esposito before parting ways from the hotel.

It turned out that Eric had been Dave’s sponsor at Pathological Liars Anonymous, and told them that Dave had been gathering evidence over something illegal that he had just discovered.

Later that night, Castle invited the boys to a party at his place, where Ryan and Esposito had a falling out as Ryan had signed himself up for the last slot of the exam, and where Ryan agreed to help Castle by being his spy in the precinct.

After discovering from Deputy Chief Stephen Reed (Ryan Devlin) that Dave had been reassigned from the City Hall due to the fact that he had broken in, and that he had been recommended by Father Arguello (Tony Plana), Castle and Alexis Castle (Molly C. Quinn) discovered that the good Father wasn’t really blind. Afterwards, Beckett discovered from Arguello that Dave had stumbled upon an illegal slush fund, which they tracked down with Castle’s help, to Reed.

After an elaborate set up, which included Father Aguello and Alexis Castle (Molly Quinn), they managed to catch him red handed.

However, after discovering that Reed hadn’t killed Dave, the group was stuck at square one, until Castle realized that the wife had murdered Dave after learning that he had been lying to her about being a famous novelist.

Afterwards, Ryan and Esposito made up, and it turned out that Beckett pulled some strings to get them both slots on the sergeant’s exam.

Castle then celebrated with Beckett over some coffee that he made, which was delicious, as he had never told her his secret ingredient.

After saying good night to each other, Beckett talked to Vikram Singh (Sunkrish Bala), as she had the heroin from the Vulcan Simmons test, tested at the laboratory so that they could try to figure out their unique signature in order to track it down at the present day.

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