Castle Recap: Montreal

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Castle Recap: Montreal
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“Castle” Season 7 Episode 2 “Montreal” aired on Monday, Oct. 6, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, the team investigated the murder of the CEO of Williger Toys, Wallace Williger. However, instead of arriving at answers, the team found themselves asking more questions, as they discovered that Wallace was playing “Undercover Boss” at  his own warehouse. Meanwhile, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) went to Montreal as part of his investigation into what exactly happened to him during the two months he went missing. But he soon realized that the truth may be more than he can handle. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in the East River, where a one of the oars of a rowing crew snagged a plastic bag with a dead body inside. Meanwhile, author Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) was at a television interview for his two latest novels. However, instead of concentrating on the books, the television show host took the opportunity to start digging into his mysterious disappearance. Castle then used the opportunity to broadcast on live television that he was offering a reward of $250,000 to anyone who can give him a lead as to where and what he was doing during those two past months.

Meanwhile, the entire team got back together to solve another murder. Castle also noticed that the medical examiner, Lanie Parish (Tamala Jones), and Detective Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) were back together because of Castle’s disappearance. The body was found in the river, wrapped up in a plastic bag. They were able to identify the dead man as Wallace Williger, the CEO of Williger Toys, who had gone missing four days ago. However, what they found interesting was that his hands and hands were discolored, almost as if it had been burned.

After talking to Samantha, the wife, they learned that when he had left, he had told her that he was going to the movies, but he never came home. She revealed that the past couple of weeks had been tough on Wallace, ever since their Labrador Retriever, Annie, died. He had been coming home late from work, but recently, he had told her that he loved her and that everything would be better soon. After seeing how Samantha dealt with the loss of her husband, Castle wondered how Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), his fiance, could have held it together for so long. However, Kate said that she was lucky, as he had come back to her.

Before they left for Wallace’s office, they were stopped by Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson), who was upset that Castle had given the precinct’s telephone number so that people could call in their leads about his whereabouts. However, Castle smoothed everything over by planting a kiss on the surprised Captain’s lips and took the pieces of paper that held several leads. Afterwards, Castle revealed that what he just did was a tactic in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” where he said that you should subdue the enemy without resisting or fighting.

At the office, Castle had fun playing with all the toys around the place, while Kate continued her investigation. She learned from the Vice President, Ms. Stoller, that Wallace had no enemies and that he had actually been leaving the office early several times a week. After checking the dates he left early to the dates that Samantha said he had come home late, they found it to be a match. According to Ms. Stoller, the reason why he left early at times was because he was dealing with a personal project of his; and according to his assistant, Matt Monroe, he was pretty secretive about it. After they discovered from Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) that his financials were clean, they were left wondering as to what Wallace was up to, as he had been obviously been keeping it a secret. Lanie then called to inform them that the discoloration on Wallace’s hands and face were due to an industrial cleaner, as if someone had wanted to scrub his skin. She also found a receipt for a coffee shop in Brooklyn, which was strange as Brooklyn was far from his office and house. Ryan and Esposito decided to canvass the area in the morning.

Meanwhile, Castle and his daughter, Alexis (Molly C. Quinn), were having no luck with the leads that they were given, making him pretty disappointed. He and Kate were then shooed away by his mother, Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan), who had a date with a man named Robert, who she met at Grief Counseling and still thought that Castle is dead. However, while Castle was feeling disappointed, he received a phone call from a man who claimed that he knew what had happened to him.

The next day, Castle met up with the man, who works at a telephone company. He claimed that they were both abducted by aliens and took Castle so that they could use his skin to help them disguise themselves to become human.

Meanwhile, while Ryan and Esposito were at Wallace’s office, they discovered a disposable phone and a new set of keys in his drawer. The number that was called on the phone belonged to a woman named Natalie Mendoza. This made Castle think that Wallace and Natalie were having an affair. Kate and Castle then decided to pay Natalie a visit.

However, when they got there, they found a knife on the floor, some blood, and Natalie on the bed, with her throat slit. They then got the shock of their lives when Natalie woke up. It turned out that she was a make up artist for low budget horror movies and had been trying on a new design and had decided to take a nap. That was when they had found her.

It also turned out that she knew Wallace and Joe Myers, who had hired her to teach him how to put on make up to transform himself to become a 70-year-old man. As Natalie had only taught him to put on the make up on his face and hands, it now made sense why he was only discolored in those two areas. Thanks to the picture of Old Man Wally, Ryan and Esposito canvassed the Brooklyn coffee shop again in order to see if anyone knew him.

All of a sudden, Alexis walked in with a couple, who showed Castle a picture of him in the background, talking to the man who had posed as Henry Jenkins (Matt Letscher). According to the couple, the photo was taken in Montreal, and they were able to figure out that the building he had just come out of was Montreal National Bank. As this was Castle’s only solid lead, he and Alexis decided to go to Montreal to figure out if the key stamped 38 that was found on him was a key for a safe deposit box in that particular bank.

In New York, Ryan and Esposito were able to track down the apartment Old Man Wally had been renting. After opening a closet door, after hearing a thumping noise, they discovered that Wallace had a German shepherd. They also then found that he would often go to a Chinese Restaurant called the Emerald Lotus, which was far from the Brooklyn apartment. However, upon going there, Kate and Ryan discovered that the restaurant was just right in front of Williger’s Warehouse. According to the foreman, he had hired old Joe Myers as a janitor, without knowing that Joe was actually Wallace. He also told them that a couple of nights ago, they found him looking through manifest and shipping papers in the back office, but it was no big deal.

In Montreal, Castle rented a safe deposit box and told the guard inside the vault to open box 38. Inside were three envelopes in Castle’s handwriting, addressed to Alexis, Kate and his mother. Inside each envelope was a memory card. When he got back to the precinct, he showed Kate the video. It was a video of him, telling her that he had no choice but to leave, that he wished he could explain everything and that he loved her very much. The messages on Martha and Alexis’ memory cards were somewhat similar. They then asked Tory Ellis to help them out, to see if she could gather any data from the video. Castle was then upset, because he was starting to fear the truth of what had really happened.  However, his and Kate’s moment were disturbed when Wallace’s German shepherd went crazy and went after a detective who had drugs in his pocket as evidence.

Because of this, they realized that the German shepherd was trained to sniff out drugs, and Castle theorized that somebody had been smuggling drugs using the products that were shipped to the United States from China. To prove this theory, Kate took the German shepherd to the warehouse, where the dog went crazy and went after a box of rag dolls that they sell. Opening up the doll, they found drugs inside. The foreman tried to run away from them, but the dog stopped him just in time.

The team then visited the office, where they revealed what they had found to Samantha and Ms. Stoller. They informed Samantha that Wallace had passed by the warehouse one night to pick up one of their rag dolls, which served as a chew toy for Annie, their dog. However, since there were drugs inside, Annie got poisoned and died. He then went undercover as a janitor to figure out what had happened and was getting close to the truth that there was a drug smuggling ring operating within his warehouse. At this, the assistant, Matt started to leave, but Ryan and Esposito stopped and arrested him for murdering Wallace. It turned out that Matt was hired by Wallace because of his knowledge of Asia, as he had lived there. However, he also had ties to the Chinese heroin trade and was smuggling it to the United States through the rag dolls. The foreman had informed him that the janitor, Joe, was getting too close to the truth, and Matt had killed him. However, he must have been very surprised to find out that he had killed his own boss.

Meanwhile, Tory and Castle were able to find that they could see the pattern of the buildings outside the room where Castle was in the video. After narrowing it down to the city of Montreal, they were able to get a hit. Castle had then gone to the place alone, where he was greeted by the fake Henry Jenkins who told him that he was not supposed to be there. He also told Castle that he was the one who chose to forget everything, and as proof, he told him that he knew the real reason he became a mystery writer. It was because of a certain day in February in Hollander’s Woods when he was eleven years old.

Back home, Alexis scolded him as he had gone by himself and did not inform them of where he had gone. Because of this, both Martha and Alexis had theories of their own. Alexis thought that he had probably found out something that he could not live with, and Martha thought that maybe it was like Pandora’s box. Something that should never be opened again.

In bed with Kate, Castle wondered if he could move on with his life without knowing what had happened to him. Kate then reasoned that he was the one who had chosen to forget, but he had once known the truth and that there must have been a good reason for him to want to forget everything. Wanting a fresh start, Castle suggested that they get married as soon as possible. However, Kate, although she did want to marry him, wanted to do it right and to wait until there was some distance between them and the incident that had happened to Castle. They then decided to wait for a month, no strings attached and no pressure, to which Castle agreed by saying that it was “a date.”

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