Castle Recap: Reckoning

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Castle Recap: Reckoning
Nathan Fillion speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. (July 13, 2012) Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Castle” Season 7 Episode 15 “Reckoning” aired last Monday, Feb. 16, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson), Detective Keven Ryan (Seamus Dever), Detective Javier “Javi” Esposito (Jon Huertas) and the entire 12th Precinct raced against time to rescue Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). He had been kidnaped by Dr. Kelly Nieman (Annie Wersching) and 3XK, also known as Jerry Tyson (Michael Mosley) as part of Tyson’s plans to get revenge on Castle. This episode serves as the conclusion to the previous week’s episode, “Resurrection.” Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up from where the previous episode had left off. As soon as Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) realized that Dr.Kelly Nieman (Annie Wersching) and the 3XK killer, Jerry Tyson (Michael Mosley), currently masquerading as Mike Boudreau. He had lured Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) to find Amy Barrett so that they could capture her, he, Detective Keven Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Detective Javier “Javi” Esposito (Jon Huertas) rushed over to her location in order to save her from them. However, they were too late as Kate was gone. There was also a message for Castle written on the back window of the car, which read “Help Her!”

They then went over to Mike Boudreau’s (Michael Mosley) apartment, as they were convinced that he really was Jerry Tyson, despite the fact that he kept on denying it, and asked where Kate was. However, Castle was relentless to the point that Ryan had to bring him out of the apartment as he looked like he was going to assault him. Ryan then reminded Castle that they could not touch him without any evidence that he was Tyson, which they currently did not have. Meanwhile, Javi went to Nieman’s clinic. She told him that she did not know where Kate or Amy was.

Back at the precinct, Tory Ellis (Maya Stojan) informed them that there were no security cameras or traffic cameras in the area where Kate had been abducted. Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson) questioned Castle’s theory that Boudreau was Tyson as it seemed too risky for him to return to his apartment. However, Castle told them that it made sense be caus, for Tyson, it had always been about the thrill of the hunt. Castle knew that Tyson would love to see how close he could get to the fire without being burned. However, their thoughts were interrupted as Castle received a phone call from Kate. She desperately asked for Castle’s help. According to him, it sounded like she was being chased. They then rushed over to the Upper West Side, where the pay phone that had been used to call Castle was. However, when they got there, all they found was a small envelope addressed to Castle, which had a voice recorder inside. When they played it, they got the same thing that Castle heard over the phone, which meant that it had been pre-recorded.

Back at the precinct, Tory informed them that the words had been spliced from different places. Kate’s interview from when Castle had gone missing, and several which seemed like it had been recorded on the streets while they were working on other cases. This told them Nieman and Tyson had really planned and prepared for this really well. Also, when Tory played the interview of Kate asking for help to find him when he had gone missing, Castle paused for a moment as that was the first time that he had ever seen anything of Kate from those two months when he had gone missing. Because of this, he realized that Tyson’s target was him and that Tyson wanted to see him suffer. They were then interrupted by Javi. He informed them that someone had just called in a tip that they had seen an unconscious Kate being pushed in a wheelchair towards a red van around the time that she had disappeared. Gates then had everyone combing through traffic footage and security camera feeds to locate the van.

Meanwhile, Castle slipped off and forced his way into Mike Bourdreau’s apartment. Their fight even going as far as hitting him, slamming him against the wall, and tossing him around. He refused to admit to the fact that he was Jerry Tyson. It was because he refused to tell Castle where Kate was. Castle then threatened him at gunpoint. Before he could do anything else, the police, who had been notified about the commotion in Mike’s apartment, arrived and arrested Castle. As they walked Castle out of the apartment, Mike, who was really Tyson, smiled at him.

Back at the precinct, Javi scolded Castle for what he had done. Ryan told Castle that they would have to book him since Mike or Tyson was pressing charges against him. Gates then gave him some food, and uncuffed him. She then reminded him that he would never to beat Tyson like that. She told him that during her first few shifts at the precinct, Kate had told her that Castle was useful to them as he saw the story of things and not just the evidence. She then encouraged him to figure out what “Jerry’s story” was so that they could be one step ahead of him. However, they were interrupted by Javi who informed them that Tyson had disappeared at the subway, and that Nieman was no longer at her place. Castle then received a phone call from his house. Tyson told Castle that he enjoyed seeing Castle in pain. Now, he would be able to kill him “over and over again.” They then went to Castle’s house and discovered that Tyson wasn’t there. However, because of this, Castle instructed his mother (Susan Sullivan) and Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) to go to Europe for the time being.

They then deduced that Tyson must have found a way to spoof his number to make it seem that he was calling from Castle’s house. Ryan then began to apologize to Castle about the fact that he wasn’t able to catch Tyson that time in the motel. They were then interrupted as they were informed that they had spotted the red van outside an abandoned building. There, the sniper team saw that Kate was tied to a chair on the third floor. As Ryan, Javi and Castle entered, Kate told them to stop as it was a trap. All of a sudden, the woman in the chair was shot to death. Castle then ran forward and began to cry, but when he lifted the woman’s head, he discovered that it wasn’t her. The woman some random drug addict who had been chosen due to the similarities of her bone structure to Kate, and the voice had just been a recording. Because of this, Castle guessed that Kate was still alive.

Meanwhile, in a dark padded surgery room, Kate woke up to found herself strapped to a surgical bed. She then felt around. She started to try to unscrew the bars on the back of the bed so that she could try to escape.

While Gates instructed everyone on what they should do next, Castle realized that they weren’t going to catch Tyson that way. He then went to prison to Tyson’s old cellmate. He had been manipulated to kill for Tyson to make it seem as if he was the 3XK killer. Castle then asked him if Tyson had ever mentioned a “safe place” that Tyson had liked to go to. In exchange for that, Castle guaranteed that he would be able to exact revenge for all of them. He then mentioned that Tyson had used to talk about a house by the Hudson River in Putnam County that he used to go to as a child.

Castle then went up there. They rented out a room to prepare for the upcoming battle. He then had the city department email the building plans of the house to him, and prepared two guns to use. At the house, he went nearer to get a closer look. They saw Amy Barrett, who had gone out for a smoke. However, as she had felt that something was off, she had come nearer to where Castle was hiding in order to check it out. Castle then cornered her, and put a gun to her head, and asked her if Kate and Nieman and Tyson were there. Amy told him that she was the only one there, but he didn’t believe her. He then instructed her to get into the trunk of his car so that he could go in alone.

Meanwhile, in the operating room, Nieman entered. He told Kate that she would remove her gag if she didn’t scream. Kate then agreed, and Nieman took off her gag. Kate tried to get her to turn on Tyson. Nieman told her that she would never do that because Tyson had “saved” her. Nieman then told her that it was a shame to “cover up a pretty face”, and informed her that since she, Nieman, needed a new face, she would get Kate’s, and then gagged her again. However, she still continued unscrewing the metal bar so that she could somehow wriggle free.

Meanwhile, Castle entered a room which had been converted into a study. He then discovered that the computer monitor was broadcasting a live feed of Kate, who was bound and gagged to a surgical bed. Castle then realized that Kate wasn’t there. He was confronted by Tyson, who immediately tazed him.

Back to the operating room, Kate managed to unscrew the metal bar. She started to work her way through her bonds, hoping to fray it to the point wherein she could be free of at least one hand while Nieman talked. She then received a phone call from Tyson. She told him that she had everything that she needed. He then told her to “get” Kate “ready” and told her to wait for his call.

At the house, Tyson made Castle sit in front of the monitor. He told him that he had let him discover the house, as he knew that Castle would visit his old cellmate. According to him, the best way to lure Castle there was to make him think that it had been his idea all along. He then told Castle that he had wanted to see his face while he watched his wife die in front of him. However, Castle told him that he knew that Tyson wanted him there not because of that, but so that Tyson could prove that he was better and smarter than Castle as Castle had bested him once before. And because Tyson needed to prove that he was better, it had become his fatal flaw. Castle told him that he had let Tyson believe that he was acting alone, and that he had fallen into Tyson’s trap, so that he could go to them, which would, in turn, lead to Kate. It turned out that the entire time he was with Ryan and Javi, who had given him an earbud which was now deeply embedded in his ear. After asking Javi if he had a clear shot, he told him to take it. Javi then hit Tyson, who tried to unsuccessfully shoot Castle before falling on the floor. Ryan then managed to trace the last number that Tyson had called in order to get Kate’s location.

At the operating room, Nieman was becoming anxious as Tyson had not called her back yet. While she worried, Kate managed to get one of her hands free. Nieman then tried to kill her with a scalpel, but Kate stopped her.

Castle, Javi, and Ryan then burst into the room where Kate was to find her standing, bloody scalpel in hand, over Nieman’s body. Castle then hugged a dazed Kate. They brought her back to the precinct where they were applauded, and where she was greeted by Lanie Parish (Tamala Jones), who hugged her. Gates then informed Castle that he was going to work off the assault charge brought against him by serving one thousand hours in community service as a consultant to the precinct. Because of this, he hugged Gates for the second time that day.

Back at home, in the bedroom, Castle wondered how Kate managed to be so put together during the two months he had gone missing. He had nearly lost it and Kate had only been gone for two days. Kate then informed him that she was having a hard time falling asleep as she could see Nieman’s face every time she closed her eyes. Castle admitted that it was the same case for him, however, he saw Tyson’s face and had been seeing it since the night on the bridge when they thought Castle had shot him. However, Castle told her that his cure was the fact that whenever he opened his eyes again, he would see Kate. They then kissed, and she fell asleep after putting her head on his chest.

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