Castle Recap: The Wrong Stuff

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Castle Recap: The Wrong Stuff
Nathan Fillion speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. (July 13, 2012) Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

“Castle” Season 7 Episode 16 “The Wrong Stuff” aired Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 at 9:00 PM on ABC. In this episode, Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), Detective Javier “Javi” Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) went to a simulation of Mars in order to investigate a murder that happened within the simulation. Meanwhile, Kate and Castle discovered that having four adults living under the same roof isn’t a good idea all the time.. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened on a space colony in Mars, where Major Tom Richwood (Yves Bright) repaired the power grid of the space module. However, before losing all communication with him, he warned them to “watch out” and screamed.

Meanwhile, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) returned home to find Alexis Castle (Molly C. Quinn) playing laser tag with a male friend in the living room, and also discovered that his mother’s, Martha Roger’s (Susan Sullivan) new boyfriend was wearing his pajamas. However, before Castle could say anything else, they were called away as they had a murder to solve. Outside the building, Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) told Castle that he would love this particular case.

As soon as they went inside, they realized that they were standing in the mission control program for the space program to Mars. However, after learning from Detective Javier “Javi” Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Operation Manager Ed Redley (Sterling K. Brown) that the body had been found in the simulation for the Mars 2018 Project, Castle was still elated, especially as this program was being run by billionaire Viggo Jansen (David Clayton Rogers). Castle then revealed that he had actually signed up for this program years ago when he and Kate were fighting. They were then told that the pilot, Tom, had been alone when had died.

Kate, Javi and Castle wore space suits, and entered the simulation, where they were met by Medical Specialist Dr. Rusham Haroun (Assaf Cohen) who informed them when Angela Olvera (Dilshad Vadsara) and he went out to investigate what had happened, they discovered that Tom had been stabbed most likely by a screwdriver, which was missing from Tom’s tool kit. Inside the space module, they were informed that they had trackers implanted in their arms so that they could be tracked, and that M.I.R.A., the computer of the ship would be able to help them. Commander Kim (Gwendoline Yeo) also informed them that they were all in the command module when Tom had died and Mikhail (Konstantin Lavysh) had been in engineering, as Kim had sent him down there.

Outside, they ran into Viggo Jansen who allowed them full access in order for them to conduct their investigation without having to pull out anyone from the mission. However, based on the computer’s data, all of the crew members were accounted for, including the mission’s rover, which was “docked at the habitat”. Viggo then told them that there was no way that anyone could have gotten in and out of the simulation without alerting anyone. Javi then called them from inside the module, and showed a part of Tom’s video diary, which said that he believed that he had seen someone aside from themselves inside the simulation. However, after talking to the rest of the crew, Javi had no leads.

Afterwards, Ed approached them as he had discovered that somewhere in the program’s deep code, they had noticed something off. After Viggo worked his magic on the computer, he discovered that he had been hacked, and that the address tagged in the IP address that hacked them belonged to Clint Granger (Matthew Marsden), a pilot who had been bested by Tom for the slot in the Mars 2018 project. Because of this, he had tried to run him over, and threatened him.

After bringing him in, he told them that he wasn’t capable of hacking into a secure system, and had solid alibis for the night of Tom’s death, and the night of the hack, which checked out. Ryan then discovered, thanks to the security cameras in Granger’s apartment lobby, that another man- George Reyes (David DeSantos), the Senior Facilities Engineer for the mission, had entered the building at the time of the hack, and then left fifteen minutes later. After talking to his wife, Angela, they discovered that she had filed for divorce while she was inside as she had fallen in love with someone else in the mission. However, she had not fallen in love with Tom.

After bringing George in, they discovered that he had wanted to sabotage the mission so that he could get his wife back, but stopped the hack midway as he had gotten cold feet. He also told them that the reason why he had bought a ticket to San Francisco was so that he could get a fresh start in another city, and told them that he had been drinking out his sorrows in a bar during the night of Tom’s murder. He also told them that nobody else could use his hack as it had been calibrated to his biometrics, and informed them about an abandoned utility access area right below the floor of the mission, in which someone could tunnel in to get to the mission simulation.

Inside the abandoned utility access area, Castle couldn’t help but feel like he was in an “Alien” movie. Kate then found some concrete debris, which meant that someone had tried to tunnel their way in. After discovering the tunnel that had been dug out, Kate revealed to Castle that when they had been fighting, she had applied to join Sir Ian Rasher’s (Maxwell Caufield) Mars Project. While there, she discovered the murder weapon. But before she could see anything else, Castle dropped her as he had seen and heard something. After chasing it down, Kate discovered a human sized gas mask and a breathing hose.

Back in mission control, Dr. Haroun discovered the access point within the simulation. And before they left for the evening, Kate and Castle told Viggo to think of anyone who might want to sabotage him and the program. Afterwards, they arrived home only to find the loft crowded with Alexis’ friends, and discovered that Martha and Ben, her boyfriend, were singing together. Because of this, Kate and Castle spent the night out, and Castle decided to call a family meeting that night.

Back at the precinct, they discovered that the breath in the mask traced back to Granger, who couldn’t be found at that moment, and that the gas mask had been purchased by Newton Endeavors, which was owned by Sir Ian Rasher. When they paid a visit to the place, they discovered that they were building a space colony just like Viggo’s. Because of this, they realized that Granger had been spying on Viggo for Rasher in exchange for being the pilot on the program. He then informed them that he would never go inside, and that the tunnel was used as a drop point, as Mikhail downloaded schematics for them, and dropped it in the tunnel, where Granger would pick it up. However, Mikhail told them that nobody liked Tom as he was mean, and as he ate most of their food. He also told them that he didn’t kill Tom, and his alibi was the fact that he had been in life support instead of engineering at that time, as he had been taking pictures of the schematics for Granger, which were time stamped. However, after looking at the photos, Castle noticed something in the reflection of the window of one picture. After zooming in, they saw that the rover had not been docked at that moment, and that it held the bloody screwdriver of Tom. However, this was strange as MIRA had told them that the rover had been docked at that moment.

Viggo, Castle and Kate then went to MIRA’s computer module pod, as only MIRA could execute orders for the rover to do. While being questioned, Viggo noticed that something was wrong as she refused to run a diagnostic to herself, and because she was drawing in more power than usual. Castle then realized that MIRA was refusing to do so because she knew that she was lying and that the truth would put the mission at risk. Castle then learned that MIRA had thought that Tom was a threat to the mission and when Viggo tried to reboot her in order to keep her memory intact, the doors were suddenly sealed and the atmosphere of Mars came in. Kate then realized that since they were on Earth, they had cellular reception, and called Javi to rescue them.

After they inhaled some oxygen outside, Ed informed them that somebody from inside had placed a subroutine in her reset program that triggered the doors and had dumped her memory, so that the only witness, MIRA, was gone. Afterwards, Castle realized that it wasn’t MIRA’s fault, and that there was still another way they could catch the killer.

Inside, the module, after talking to the three remaining astronauts, they realized that the three of them could alibi themselves out, and that Mikhail and been the scapegoat in order to get rid of Tom, whom everyone hated. Castle then deduced that the three of them had convinced MIRA that Tom was a threat, which was why she had decided to kill Tom. However, when Commander Kim told Castle that they couldn’t prove it due to the fact that MIRA’s memory was gone, Castle told her that Viggo had a back up black box satellite which held a copy of everything that they did and said inside the module. Because of that, they caved pretty easily.

Later that night, at home, Martha informed Castle and Kate that since she was doing well for herself, and because she wanted them and their “future little Castles” to have the loft, she was moving out. After she left for her date with Ben, Castle and Kate, because it was too quiet inside the loft, decided to eat out at a noisy restaurant for a change.

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