‘Castle’ Recap: ‘XX’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Castle’ Recap: ‘XX’

“Castle” Season 8 Episode 2 “XX” aired last Monday, Sept. 28, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In the conclusion to the season premiere, viewers and audiences are treated to Captain Kate Beckett’s (Stana Katic) side of the story, which, from a few surprises, allowed fans and viewers to discover what really is happening, and how the Attorney General’s office and former Senator William Bracken (Jack Coleman) are involved. In the end, Beckett was forced to make a surprising decision that will change the game for “Castle” in itself. Read on to learn more about what really is happening, and to learn what Beckett’s controversial decision was.

The episode began with scenes from the previous episode, with Captain Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) saving Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) at the warehouse, and with her and Vikram Singh (Sunkrish Bala) hiding out in an abandoned building. However, just as they were about to settle in for the night, Beckett realized that the hit squad was there. She ran out a trapdoor with Vikram, and was rescued by Rita (Ann Cusack) who was Castle’s stepmother.

Meanwhile, the next morning, Hayley Shipton (Toks Olagundoye) offered to help Castle find Beckett.

In the car with Rita, on their way to her safe house, Beckett related what had happened in the past eighteen hours to her and Vikram. As she narrated, Alexis Castle (Molly C. Quinn), Castle, Hayley and Detectives Javier “Javi” Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) began tracing Beckett’s footsteps all over the city, in order to figure out what is really happening.


It turned out that the telemarketer who had called Beckett the previous morning was Vikram, who gave her a distress code, and told her to meet him at the abandoned theater, where they ended up in a shoot-out with the dead hit men that Esposito and Ryan had found, and where Beckett got shot in the abdomen.

They then headed towards a laundromat, where Beckett stitched herself up.

There, Vikram told her that the search she had started in the Attorney General’s database regarding Senator William Bracken’s (Jack Coleman) criminal activities had finally yielded a result- a heavily redacted memo, which had the word LOKSAT in the margins. Twelve hours after he forwarded it to Beckett’s former partner, Rachel McCord, McCord’s team was killed, and Vikram himself was almost killed.

They then headed to Winterkill Correctional Facility to talk to Bracken, who immediately became spooked after learning that Beckett knew about it.

Afterwards, Beckett and Vikram headed towards a hotel, where Vikram managed to retrieve the document before the hit men arrived.

Meanwhile, in the present, at Rita’s safe house, she told them that LOKSAT had to do with how Bracken got his campaign money- by smuggling in drugs from overseas, and that he had managed to get away with it thanks to his mysterious silent partner, a dirty and powerful CIA analyst. She then advised Vikram and Beckett to go on the run until Rita managed to uproot the dirty CIA agent, but Beckett decided not to, and Vikram decided to stick with her until the end.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that Bracken, while in solitary confinement, had been killed, and learned from the Assistant Attorney General, Allison Hyde, that Vikram isn’t who he said he was.


Beckett and Castle then managed to figure out that LOKSAT and the numbers and letters beside it referred to a particular plane, which they then tracked down.

There, Castle knocked Beckett out of the way after seeing Vikram point a gun at Beckett. It turned out that he was aiming for the plane owner, who had been about to shoot Beckett. Hayley then bid them goodbye.

They then decided to lure the killers out by pretending to have Beckett and Castle set up an exclusive TV interview  in order to expose everything. The trap was bought, and they lured to Castle’s office, where they were stunned by Ryan and Esposito.

However, Hayley appeared, as she was being held at gunpoint, but Castle saved the day thanks to the hidden gun compartment in his table.

Later, they discovered that the hit men were receiving orders from Hyde but found that she had just been a patsy, and that she had been killed.

Afterwards, Rita told Beckett that she would either have to let this particular hunt for justice for her fallen comrades go, or else she would have to stay away from Castle in order to protect him.

Because she had found a new obsession, she decided to break up with Castle for the meantime, hoping that this would help her find peace, and hoping that Castle would take her back after it was all over.

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