Castle Season 6 Finale Recap: Episode 23 For Better or Worse, Castle Gets a Hot Kind of Cold Feet [WATCH VIDEO]

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Castle Season 6 Finale Recap: Episode 23 For Better or Worse, Castle Gets a Hot Kind of Cold Feet [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Castle” Season 6 Finale Episode 23 “For Better or Worse” was aired on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. Read on to find out more about MNG’s “Castle” Season 6 Finale recap of Episode 23 “For Better or Worse” and news on the upcoming seventh season offering of ABC’s “Castle.”

“Castle” Season 6 Finale Episode 23 “For Better or Worse” Recap:

“Castle” Season 6 Finale Episode 23 “For Better or Worse” (air date: May 12, 2014) began a few days before the supposed “Wedding of the Century” of Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).

From the start, it was already revealed that Castle was formerly married and divorced twice. The first was with Meredith, the actress mother of Alexis (Molly Quinn) and the second unsuccessful marriage was with his publisher, Gina Cowell.

However, everyone including Beckett (Stana Katic) was surprised that she also got married before. She got hitched with her ex-boyfriend Rogan O’Leary (Eddie McClintock) during a drunk trip to a drive-thru marriage booth in Las Vegas.

Beckett had attempted to ask him to sign their divorce papers but it goes off with a lot of complications! Rogan was actually involved in a whirlwind connection with a “comatose” wife, a stripper, a wanted mob leader, lapdance-lover pastor, army of angry bikers and Rogan’s bar owner girlfriend whom he loved dearly.

On the other hand, the “Caskett” wedding would not go on without the same obstacles. First, they escaped the clutches of the mob man who also kidnapped Roger. Lucy told Beckett that her wedding gown got destroyed, so it was off the list. Castle was informed of the sudden unavailability of their wedding venue. It was a good thing that Beckett’s father had found a dress replacement that belonged to her mother.

Meanwhile, the resident Obsessive-Compulsive (O.C.) planner, Martha, gave Beckett her fabulous “Something Blue.”

The plot continued to thicken when Beckett, who was already at the aisle, was waiting for Castle to arrive. She received a call and immediately, she ran outside just to find Castle’s car crashed and on fire!

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TV Line got the chance to interview “Castle” creator Andrew Marlowe about the run-down on what happened in the Season 6 finale and the future of Season 7.

A jam-packed finale. Matt Webb Mitovich noted a complete serving of “humor, tragedy, romance and mystery” in the “Castle” Season 6 finale and it was appreciated by the creator. The rumors that Beckett’s quest on finding clues about her mother’s death was thought to be the ending of the show. Marlowe and his team wanted to let Beckett deal with her past before moving on with her new life with Castle.

Marlowe also pointed out how the idea of the Season 6 Finale came about. It was rooted from the difference between how Castle and Beckett handled their previous relationships. Castle had his own divorces while a surprised Beckett was actually married in Las Vegas!

On the “explosive” cliffhanger. Marlowe had expressed his thoughts on the audience having divided reactions on Castle’s car crash. He pointed out that it gives him the idea about how people care about the show.

“We know that it’s a bit of an emotional blow to the audience but oftentimes good storytelling is. With the mythology that we’re introducing, we want to start it off with a bang. We’re just sorry that the audience has to wait until September to see how we’re going to resolve it,” said Marlowe  in the TV Line article.

On the “mystery driver” in the car. He gave a vague answer on who might might that person be, but Marlowe promises that things will definitely be “interesting.” He also noted that he/she is connected with the new mythology that they are going to introduce in Season 7.

On Beckett’s couture dress. A lot of people had mixed reactions about Kate’s wedding dress. The Season 6 finale showed it getting destroyed in a flooded apartment. Marlowe said that everyone on the show wanted the dress to have a certain meaning to Beckett’s wedding in honor of her mother.

In other news, TV Line also reported that ABC has finally announced that “Castle” is renewed for Season 7! It is set to join the other hit ABC shows that got season renewal orders such as “Scandal,” “Once Upon a Time” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

And that’s it for MNG’s “Castle” Season 6 Finale recap of Episode 23 “For Better or Worse” Watch out for more news about “Castle” Season 6 including recaps and spoilers, as well as other entertainment news only here at Movie News Guide (MNG).

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