Castle Season 6 Finale Spoilers: For Better or Worse Airs on May 12, 2014, The Wedding of the Century [WATCH VIDEO]

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Castle Season 6 Finale Spoilers: For Better or Worse Airs on May 12, 2014, The Wedding of the Century [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Castle” Season 6 Episode 23 “For Better or Worse” will air on Monday, May 12, 2014, at 10 p.m on ABC. Fans and shippers of Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) will have an awesome good time as they will witness the Wedding of the Century for their beloved characters on the Season 6 finale of “Castle.” Read on for the recap of “Castle” Season 6 Episode 22 “Veritas” and the spoilers for the upcoming “Castle” Season 6 Finale Episode 23 “For Better or Worse.”

“Castle” Season 6 Episode 22 “Veritas” Recap:

“Castle” Season 6 Episode 22 “Veritas” will deal with the investigations on the murder case of Johanna Beckett. Johanna is actually Kate’s mother, who have been killed by Senator William Bracken (Jake Coleman) in “In the Belly of the Beast” (air date: March 3, 2014.)

Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) was away for a promotional tour for his books in Chicago while Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) started off to head a private surveillance on a certain person connected to her mother’s death. When she was in the middle of her survellance, she learned that Jason Marks, the person she’s following had been killed. Beckett informed her fiance when he was on his last part of the book tour before it was going to be postponed for their wedding.

Back to the case, the team found out that Marks is actually a political consultant in Washington, D.C. It was also learned that the car he just rode before he died was driven by a certain Vulcan Simmons, who was said to be connected to Senator Bracken.

The NYPD took on the case in order to investigate Simmons and Bracken about recent murder. Unfortunately, Captain Victoria Gates took Beckett off the case due to her risky connection with the senator, but she continued on doing investigations.

Beckett started her surveillance and this time, it’s Simmons. The guy knew that Beckett was following him and warned her about her the evidence that was actually inadmissible to the case.

Later, Castle received news that Gates wants Beckett on the case again. Unfortunately, things continued to be complicated as they learned about Simmons’ murder. It was reported that Simmons was first tortured before he was killed. Also, a bullet found in the victim’s body came from Beckett’s gun. She was now accused of being a fugitive cop.

Castle and their team knew that she was innocent so they kicked off an investigation to know the reason why Beckett was set-up for murder. They met up with a man named Smith, who was also supposed to meet Marks. Smith was actually a friend of Captain Montgomery. He told Castle that an evidence about Bracken’s confession about his wrongdoings really exist.

Elsewhere, Bracken’s men arrived at the safe house where Beckett currently resides. The men had plotted on her murder and made it look like a suicide by forcing a pill and alcohol in his mouth. The good thing is that Beckett did not intake the drug and she continued to fight of few thugs. Castle arrived on time to fetch her.

Based on her mother’s note, Beckett told him that it was Montgomery who made the tape, which was hidden by her mother. Unfortunately, Castle, Beckett and the others were arrested. She realized that her mother hid the tapes on her desk and before she can look for it, the officer were onto her. The recordings she found proved about the idea that Bracken is more than a senator, but also a murderer. Beckett personally arrested Bracken for his crimes.

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“Castle” Season 6 Episode 23 “For Better or Worse” Spoilers:

In the previous episodes, we have seen how Castle and Beckett reminded us about ordinary couple who experience difficulties in preparing their own wedding. Well, if you’re a crime-fighting duo such as them, it won’t be an easy on the TV world and even on reality.

For the “Castle” Season 6 finale “For Better or Worse”, we might witness the most-awaited union of one of our most beloved tandems in television today. Unfortunately, a shocking surprise is about to ruin Castle and Beckett’s big day! Were you surprised?

According to TV Line, our lovely and butt-kicking duo will head on another mission that will include angry motorcycle riders, an ex-mob boss and a stripper!

The wedding wouldn’t be complete without someone who will officiate the wedding. TV Line also reported that Randy Oglesby will be a guest star in the “Castle” finale. It was also said that he will play as “the officiating minister at a small-town church in Upstate New York.”

On the other hand, someone from Beckett’s past would return to Beckett’s life with an absolute wrong timing. Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line posted that Eddie McClintock of “Warehouse 13” will portray the role of Rogan O’Leary, an infamous hustler who hailed from a small town with Beckett. His casting was confirmed by McClintock himself in a post on his Instagram account.

In other news, Spoiler TV posted a scanned photo of Beckett’s wedding photo from a TV Guide magazine. Yay!

“Castle” Season 6 Episode 23 “For Better or Worse” will air on May 12, 2014, at 10 p.m. It is directed by John Terlesky and written by Terri Miller & Andrew W. Marlowe. Don’t miss “Castle” Season 6 on ABC Network.

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