Castle Season 8: Deleted Scene Reveals Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett Knew About Caleb Brown, LokSat Connection

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Castle Season 8: Deleted Scene Reveals Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett Knew About Caleb Brown, LokSat Connection

Castle Season 8, which also proved to be the series’ last season, had some pretty interesting moments in it. From revelation of Caleb Brown as LokSat to Kate trying to protect Rick, every moment had something special in it.

However, one deleted and rather hilarious scene that fans did not get to see on the show was released recently. It was a part of Castle Season 8 episode titled Dead Again. In the episode, a city safety inspector kept on cheating death and as much as the subject seemed really serious, the whole episode itself was extremely funny.

According to TVLine, Caleb can be seen walking toward Kate and having a little discussion about work. Though Kate’s expressions say something else, she makes sure to not say anything directly. Luckily, before the situation can go any intense, the focus shifts to Laney’s diagnosis about the safety inspector.

Back in the episode, she ended up declaring him dead twice. Since both the times he ended up alive, Laney felt a little embarrassed. Also, in the deleted scene, she can be seen entering the scene in a rather embarrassed way when Kate encourages her.

Just what a good friend would do, Kate calms Laney down. She further assures her that the joke will go away soon. She also jokes about how Laney can declare a dead guy alive to resolve this matter. Chuckling a little bit, the two walk away.

In the entire deleted scene, it does come as surprising that LokSat aka Caleb Brown himself had the ease to walk into the precinct and talk to Captain Beckett, as if he was not involved with anything. Surely, Beckett’s secret investigation with Vikram must have deduced something. That is why Kate manages to stay diplomatic in the scene.

The way things ended with Caleb, at one point, was a bit surprising. This is because many might not have pegged him to be the actual bad guy. Castle had pretty much established Senator Bracken as the main antagonist. However, like every twist to the story, Kate and Rick’s actual nemesis was always going to be someone else.

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