‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 2: Details And Synopsis Revealed

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 2: Details And Synopsis Revealed

Castle and Beckett make the most amusing crime solving team on television so naturally that when “Castle” was renewed for an eighth season, fans really got excited. Recently, details about the season’s second episode surfaced, and it might just help answer some burning questions fans have at the moment.

Carter Matt, initially, reported about the changes we will be seeing in the new season and looking at the details given, one would not be able to judge after just an episode. The media outlet highlighted the start of the first episode “XY” describing the giant cupcake as an adorable gesture. Castle presents it to Kate who is going to start her new duty as a Captain of her precinct and is a bit nervous about it. But the outlet raised issue about the fact that both the characters continue to lie to each other under the pretense that they are protecting each other. Kate is shown taking a phone call and disappearing. Castle along with Esposito and Ryan were shown tracking her down in the promo of the first episode, which also happens to be the central plot.

According to the outlet, the second episode “XX” is going to take off right where the first episode ended but this time around the story will be showing how exactly did Kate disappear and probably the reasons for that. An official synopsis was also shared and according to it, reason for Beckett’s sudden disappearance will be revealed and how after receiving a tip from someone from her past, she has to fight for her life. A team of mercenaries and some very dangerous people want her dead and till the time Castle figures out why his wife disappeared, Beckett has to put an end to this before her adversaries put an end to her life.

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Hollywood Hills added that there will be some guest stars in the episode, including Sunkrish Bala as Vikram Singh, Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Brooks and Jack Coleman as Senator Will Bracken, amongst others. With a race against time currently on the way, Castle will have to use all his intelligence and Beckett all her skills to get out of the sticky situation and not get killed at the hands of perpetrators who want her dead at all costs.

The second episode of “XX” will be aired on September 28.

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