‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 3 Spoilers: Will Rick Manage to Win Kate Back in ‘PhDead’?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 3 Spoilers: Will Rick Manage to Win Kate Back in ‘PhDead’?

So this surely must be hard on Richard Castle because it took him nearly seven seasons to end up with Kate Beckett but it only took the first two episodes of the ongoing Season 8 for the couple to separate. Stating the reason to protect him, Kate decided to part ways with husband and go solo with some motive in her mind. But knowing Castle, he won’t give up so easily on his wife and the recently released synopsis shows just that. WARNING! This contains spoilers about “Castle” Season 8, Episode 3. Read on.


According to International Business Times, the latest promo of the third episode shows a very determined Castle hell bent on winning his wife back. Despite the fact that Kate has asked for some space for herself as she wants to go solo and even made it clear in the second episode about the same, Castle still believes that if they continue to solve cases together, she will fall in love with him all over again.

Castle can also be heard saying in the promo that solving cases together is the reason why she fell in love with him. So the case in the third episode is that a student gets brutally murdered and surprisingly the university wants to keep the student’s death as a mystery.

To tackle this problem and get to solve the case with temporarily estranged wife, Castle goes undercover to the university as a professor so that he can help with digging some clues surrounding the student’s death. Kate can be heard clearly asking Castle to stay away from the case, but that does not stop Castle anyways. With his undercover Professor look, he and Kate start to uncover quite a few dark secrets hidden behind the amazing university experience that every student has.


Design & Trend added that working on the case might affect both their personal lives but despite all of this Castle thinks he has everything figured out. On the other hand co-showrunners, Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley have urged fans to continue watching the show as showing the couple’s breakup so early in the season is really important for the upcoming episodes.

Considering she was recently being hunted, separating from Castle definitely must be a tactic by Captain Beckett so that she can keep him safe from every potential danger. “Castle” airs every Monday at 10 p.m.

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