‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 5 Spoilers: Eyewitness With The Power Of Smell In ‘The Nose’

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 5 Spoilers: Eyewitness With The Power Of Smell In ‘The Nose’

“Castle” episode fifth is going to be a rather nosey affair not because of Rick’s constant attempts to win his wife back but because of an eyewitness in the latest case that Beckett and Castle are going to deal with. The eyewitness in the upcoming episode “The Nose” will have a distinctive power of smell and go on to claim that she can identify the murderer with her unique power.


According to International Business Times, in “The Nose,” a precious art piece will get stolen and will potentially leave a man dead. Castle, being the hero that he is, will get on the case and will also be able to get hold of an eyewitness. But just like every episode tends to make things not that simple, this one will also bring with it new set of challenges for the mystery novelist/private investigator.

There will be an eyewitness with a particular set of skills which, according to her, will make things easier though ultimately it will be on Castle and Beckett to solve the case themselves. Talking about the witness played by Stephnie Weir, she will flaunt an unbeatable power of smell that will help Castle and Beckett figure out who the murderer is.

Here’s the interesting part, the woman will be in a belief that she can sniff out the murderer once she identifies the smell of him/her. Things have gone a bit weird than this, but it seems the showrunners have outdone themselves with “The Nose.”

Castle being the cool guy that he is, will make use of the witness in a rather interesting way. The promo that was released for the episode shows the witness smelling Beckett and hinting at the fact that the newly appointed Captain and more importantly Castle’s wife still has the hots for him. She will also be mentioning this in person to Castle, which for the time being will come as a good news for the writer/investigator as it will only give rise to his hopes of getting his wife back.


The Christian Post, that took a look on the previous episode, stated that in the coming episodes Beckett might not be seen around a lot as she will reportedly be absent from a couple of episodes. It is also being believed that she might be seen in one or two scenes, but ABC declined to comment on the issue. “Castle” airs every Monday at 10pm on ABC.

Watch the upcoming episode’s promo here:

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