‘Castle’ Season 8 Finale: An Epic Failure

By IvyV | 2 years ago
‘Castle’ Season 8 Finale: An Epic Failure
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ABC’s sudden cancellation of “Castle” for Season 9 not only shocked fans but made writers scrounge for a safe Season 8 finale and proves the episode to be an ultimate disaster.

Season 8 has been a whole new controversial for “Castle” team and the fan base as well. First news to break viewers was the departure of Stana Katic a.k.a. Kate Beckett from the show. It was then immediately followed by ABC’s cancelling the show for Season 9 due to the series not profitable enough for the network. Everything suddenly changes for the series.

In a review done by The Washington Post for “Castle” Season 8 finale, “Crossfire” strives to convince viewers it is the end for Caskett. However, the conclusion is a perfect example of how bad a great series can end. The only aim for the final episode of the series is for the sake of just ending it and not for series’ sake.

Season 8 finale shows how Castle and Beckett successfully tracked down LokSat and showed him but the two were also severely injured. The scene could have hinted a tragic end for the two but minutes later, the scene shifted to a small family having breakfast together. The finale scene concluded with Castle’s line “Every writer needs inspiration, and I found mine.”

Fans cannot help but share their disappointment with how the great shows like as “Castle” ended so poorly. Some are angered and had predicted the end for the series as Season 8 gets lousier every episode.

The finale is obviously rushed and dragged to end. Melty dished out that prior to the cancellation, an alternative ending was created. Kate will be the only one who will get shot and faked a death. Another speculation suggest that Kate will be assigned to an international mission to provide the character’s decent exit from the show.


Photo Source: Facebook/Castle

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