6 Questions About ‘Castle’ Season 8 Finale To Know

By Ishita Kapai | 2 years ago
6 Questions About ‘Castle’ Season 8 Finale To Know

ABC’s “Castle” winds up its eight season with a lot of ambiguities in the end. Although, there is a happy ending for Caskett where the beloved couple is seen in their peaceful space, there are a lot of questions raised in the minds of the people who follow the series about the other characters.

Hollywood Life reports the end scenes as a series of abrupt scenes. It says that at one time Caleb is seen in Beckett and Castle’s room, the next scene he shoots them. While they are gasping for air, they get close to hold hands. Suddenly there is a leap of seven years, narrating the happily ever after story of Caskett.

According to TV Guide, the finale of “Castle” raised six questions that did not allow the viewers to add a sense of closure to the series.

Caleb’s plot: As the season began, it was clear that Caleb was stuck in the trunk of the car. However, as the series concluded, it was discovered that Caleb was alive. So how did he survive?

The mystery of the trunk: As mentioned above, it was found in the beginning that Caleb was in the trunk. However, since Caleb is alive, who was in the trunk?

Why did not Mason kill Caskett when he got the chance: There was a point when Mason got hold of Caskett. Instead of injecting them with the truth serum at the CIA Building to find out who else knows about the Loksat, why did he prefer to stick to his master plan?

Mason’s inability to deal with Castle at Los Angeles: When Castle was in Los Angeles to retract his lost time, Mason had already identified Castle as a potential threat. Why did not he address the matter immediately?

Closure of Lanie Parish roleTamala Jones, who plays the role of Lanie Parish, was going to discontinue working with the franchise even if the season is revived. So, should not her role be given an adequate sense of closure?

Future of Beckett and Castle: Although the show ends with a leap that shows Beckett and Castle enjoying with their children, there is no information as to how they got there. Did they quit their professions to have those babies? This is unclear


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