‘Castle’ Season 8 Spoilers: Nathan Fillion Reveals Reason For Kate And Rick’s Separation As Beckett Has A New Rival

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Castle’ Season 8 Spoilers: Nathan Fillion Reveals Reason For Kate And Rick’s Separation As Beckett Has A New Rival

“Castle” took quite an interesting turn when Kate decided to separate from Rick. Fans didn’t really expect this because things were going really great until the newly appointed Captain decided to drop the bad news. As fans continue to ponder over why did the lead couple separate, Nathan Fillion who plays the role of Castle has revealed the real reason for the on-screen couple’s separation.


According to International Business Times, when Kate decided to go after the Kingpin, ex-Senator Bracken’s partner in crime and left Castle alone, not many were happy with her decision. Showrunners asked everyone to continue watching the show as “Castle” has something really exciting on its way.

Now, it was Nathan Fillion’s turn to shed some light on the on-screen couple’s separation. According to the “Castle” star, the showrunners decided to separate both the lead characters was because they wanted to go back to the days when fans used to root for the couple to get together. He added that the showrunners wanted to bring it back to the time when “Castle” used to be funny and light hearted show that everyone fell in love with.

Despite the fact that the on-screen couple are currently separated, they continue to work together and often brainstorm on the clues that they get while working on a case. The brainstorming essentially takes everyone back in the time when the couple used to piece the clues together and depicted the great chemistry they had at the time.

The showrunners too shared a detail that the couple won’t be getting back soon anytime but will often land up in “situations” where they will have to work together.


In other news, Carter Matt added that the eighth season would see Beckett facing a new rival by the name of Caleb Brown who happens to be a public defender. The two will often clash on many occasions and it remains to be seen if the people Caleb will be protecting are innocent or not. Kris Polaha will be portraying the role of Caleb. “Castle” airs every Monday at 9pm.

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