‘Castle’ Season 8: Will Rick and Kate’s Separation Ever Come to an end?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Castle’ Season 8: Will Rick and Kate’s Separation Ever Come to an end?

With the midseason finale recently ending, we are forced to ask this to ourselves and to the makers, will Rick and Kate ever get back together? Following something that Kate wanted to take care of, she decided to separate from Rick and this has been going on ever since.


According to Entertainment Weekly, the episode saw an entertainer by the name of Laura Madden getting killed on a cruise ship and her body found floating. The highlight of this murder is said to be the bullet that went straight through her forehead and made a significant mark, giving it an assassination feeling. It later turned out that there was a significant amount of drugs involved since many of the cruise ships offer an undetected way to smuggle and carry drugs without any hassle.

But nothing can remain that serious where Castle is involved. As soon as both Kate and Castle arrive on the deck, Castle had a “Titanic” moment while Kate tried to keep her focus on the case. Simultaneously running alongside a serious investigation were the owners who didn’t want the reputation of the cruise ship damaged hence they asked their employees to not co-operate with the investigation.

As the searching around continues, Kate and Castle decide to spread out and try to get to the bottom of this together, giving us a little hope that the two might just get back together at least after this case. However we don’t get to see the two walking hand in hand and looking at each other like a married couple would.


TV Guide added that Kate did accept that their separation could prove as a perfect cover for them to bring down the central antagonist who has been trying to finish Kate and everyone important in her life. So the question still remains whether the coming New Year will also end the on-going charade of separation or will both of them continue to be the way they are right now, miserable.

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