‘Castle’ Season 9 : 5 Reasons Why Series Is Cancelled After Stana Katic’s Departure

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Castle’ Season 9 : 5 Reasons Why Series Is Cancelled After Stana Katic’s Departure

Before “Castle” could have a ninth season, it met its end when the network decided to pull the plugs on it. Many believe it has something to do with the show’s low ratings and declining performance, however there could be other reasons as well. Here are some of those.

Since the show’s cancellation came right after Stana Katic’s departure, one of the very first reasons for its cancellation could be because of her removal from the show. As many reports have stated that Stana along with Tamala Jones was asked not to return for the next season, following the news and reactions from everywhere the show too met its end.

Fans’ influence. Fans ran a massive campaign protesting the removal of Katic from “Castle.” Many even called out for the show’s cancellation because honestly there could not be one without her in the equation. Given the strong impact social media has these days, the network had to cancel it.

Criticism. Stana’s removal and network’s decision to remove her was criticized severely. Fans were more than convinced that Nathan alone will not be able to take the show further, which probably the network too realized and cancelled it.

Deadline reported that according to the network’s President, Channing Dungey, the network’s interests did not lie in the show despite it having a successful run. At this point of time, the network did not see a way for the show to be renewed for another season despite having tried both creative and financial ways.

Low ratings. The show’s ratings were not that great this season. The only time the show picked up a bit was in the Esposito’s episode with his ex-fiancée. The co-showrunners tried to experiment here and there with the story line but maybe it was the end of the line. Also Stana’s part started to come across as less important even though for the last eight seasons she was the soul of the show.

According to Huffington Post, for many fans removal of Katic was a sentimental one, however, for some it was a sexist move by the show. The outlet also added that citing the backlash the network received after removing her, it decided to cancel the show for good.


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