‘Castle’ Stana Katic Character Was Ready To Fake Her Death In Season 8 Finale!

By Alka Vishnoi | 2 years ago
‘Castle’ Stana Katic Character Was Ready To Fake Her Death In Season 8 Finale!
‘Castle’ Stana Katic Character Was Ready To Fake Her Death In Season 8 Finale

Stana Katic is not going to be a part of Castle Season 9. Fans were left wondering over the fate of her character Kate Beckett. Speculations were made over her return to the series yet again.

Castle” Season 8 finale is over and theories are afloat over Castle and Kate Beckett’s death in the series last episode; there are rumors over the two being alive and living together happily.

This cannot be true really considering Stana Katic’s exit from “Castle” Season 9. The only option which appears to be feasible and believable is Kate Beckett getting killed off because death is the only thing that would stop the pair from being together. Here, viewers are definitely right in their assumption to some extent.

“Castle” Season 9 will see all characters being under the belief that Kate Beckett is already dead. But get ready for a big deception, as sources have claimed to TV Line over Kate Beckett actually surviving the shooting. “Castle” Season 8 is reported to be the last for the series. As of now Season 9 stands canceled.

Melty further reveals about Kate Beckett faking her own death and not telling everything related to her relationship, which is a bit hard to digest. But still we do not want to take Kate Beckett as dead.

There is a lot of doubts over both Castle and Kate Beckett being dead as fans wanted a happy ending to Castle Season 8 Episode 22. Caskett seemed to have got the perfect closure with both surviving the Caleb’s attacks. The ending of Castle Season 8 was certainly left gloomy and disheartening. It is really hard to think about both Castle and Kate Beckett shot dead, lying on the floor together, lacking the energy to reach for a phone and call for help and instead just bleeding out, accepting death as they hold hands one final time.


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