Cate Blanchett’s Onscreen Lesbian Portrayal May Win An Oscar

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Cate Blanchett’s Onscreen Lesbian Portrayal May Win An Oscar

This time, The Academy Awards the stage may be clustered with quite a few female actors who will run after the pitch. Recently, Toronto International Film Festival handed over the award to “The Room”, a movie based on an abducted mother. This film is much speculated as a long runner in the coming Oscars.

Now it’s “The Breathtaking Carol”, where another female protagonist is been seen in her finest form. Cate Blanchett serves one of her most realistic approach with her character in her entire acting resume. She is being applauded with diverse recognitions that she deserves well for her outstanding performance in the Todd Haynes’ fascinating movie. The film had its first screening at the New York film Festival where the viewers experienced an engaging tale of lesbian love.


The plot is an adaption of Patricia Highsmith’s enthralling narration, published back in 1952, under the pseudonym Claire Morgan. Cate has done full justice to the character Carol Aird who incidentally shares an adorable yet amiable relation with a young lady.

The character of Therese Belivet is crafted by Rooney Mara and truly the leading ladies explored the beautiful journey as the plot goes on unfolding. Cate especially, has broken all the boundaries to get under the skin of Carol, the character she essayed on the silver screen.

The film doesn’t have any loose threads to uphold the essence of the 1950s, thus picks up a subdued color palette to paint the canvas of every single frame.

The two characters have their own struggles that led them to being solitary and this solitariness embraces a bond between the two ladies. Therese is a clerk at a department store who goes on realizing that she is not happy with her male companion Jake Lacy. On the other side, Carol is combating for her daughter. The film being true to the origin keeps the tone of happiness that redefines a relation beyond gender and lets them live out of the brusque social reality. This movie certainly makes Blanchett stand out as a potential contender for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress. We will see the film on November 20 in theatres.

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