Cathriona White Includes Jim Carrey In Her Suicide Letter; Actor’s Ex Spotted Exploring Scientology Church Before Death

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Cathriona White Includes Jim Carrey In Her Suicide Letter; Actor’s Ex Spotted Exploring Scientology Church Before Death
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The tragic death of Cathriona White has become so controversial as her suicide letter contained her ex’s name, Jim Carrey on it. Read on.

When the 30-year-old make-up artist was found dead at her Los Angeles Residence last Monday night after an alleged drug overdose, aside from the pills, there was also a suicide letter and it contained her ex’s name Jim Carrey.

According to coroner’s report, when White was pronounced dead, authorities did not only found pills near her but also a note with Carrey’s name. Though People said that Asst. Chief Coroner Ed Winter said he wasn’t able to see the suicide letter personally, he assured the magazine that Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) confirmed that the actor’s name was indeed written in the said note.

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Winter said that: “The LAPD evidently said [it contained Carrey’s name].

Meanwhile, additional details regarding White’s suicide letter remain unknown to the public.

On the other hand, a source from Radar Online claimed that before White was spotted exploring the Church of Scientology before she allegedly killed herself.

According to Tony Ortega, an investigative journalist, White was actually in the first stages of becoming a Scientologist before she died.

Ortega, who writes a regular Scientology blog told the site that White has been taking classes at the Scientology before she even dated Carrey.

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Meanwhile, when it comes to Carrey’s opinion about the church, Ortega sounded amused. He told the site that if White was fascinated with the Scientology, Carrey has a different respond.

“He has criticized and joked about the Church in the past.” Ortega said.

On the other hand, Ortega added that Cathriona White didn’t finish her Survival Rundown where she have to undertake multiple tasks as she decided to stop six months before her death.

Since the news about the possible involvement of the Scientology Church to White, the representative from the organization has yet to give comments regarding the issue.

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