CBS Cast Charlie McDermott in ‘Super Clyde’

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
CBS Cast Charlie McDermott in ‘Super Clyde’

The retooled comedy series “Super Clyde” on CBS has found its lead star in the “The Middle” star Charlie McDermott (“The Middle”). The young actor will be playing the role that Rupert Grint (“Harry Potter”) originally played in the show’s earlier incarnation. However, there’s quite a few problems with this arrangement, as McDermott still has an existing series with ABC. Find out more about this news story below.

According to Deadline, McDermott’s casting as the lead in “Super Clyde” comes as a surprise to many. It was because the actor is still part of the ABC comedy series “The Middle,” where he plays the role of the eldest child named Axl Heck. The show is currently on its sixth season. However, as per the report, the contracts of the stars of “The Middle,” led by Emmy-winner Patricia Heaton, are supposed to end this May, but no one from the network has approached the actors for renegotiations.

Deadline notes that ABC usually handles renegotiations and renewals after the end of the current season, which is in May. But pilot commitments across all other networks are arranged as early as January. The timing may be partly to blame for this whole mix-up.

While “The Middle’s” status is, for now, uncertain, there’s a lot riding on “Super Clyde.” As MNG reported earlier, the show has been revived from CBS’ 2013 development slate. The series has, as Deadline says, become a “passion project” of sorts for its creator Greg Garcia.

Garcia is acknowledged as one of television’s biggest showrunners when it comes to comedy. He has a track record for producing feel-good shows like “My Name is Earl” and “Raising Hope,” all of which have gone into syndication.

That’s the latest update on “Super Clyde,” which CBS is bent on bringing to the small screen for the 2015-2016 season. This may be good news for fans of McDermott, who will finally get to play the lead character. But what about for those following “The Middle?” Would you still watch the show without its Axl Heck? Sound off in the comments below.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/CBS

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