CBS Revives Comedy Series ‘Super Clyde’

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
CBS Revives Comedy Series ‘Super Clyde’
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CBS is giving a show they have passed on two years ago another chance. “Super Clyde” is a comedy series developed by Greg Garcia for the 2013 season, which is given to get another shot for the 2015-2016 season. But some changes will have to be made. Read on for more details about this news story.

Back in 2013, Greg Garcia pitched “Super Clyde” to CBS and its development went on past the pilot stages. The production was actually able to film the first episode, and it had a big star in its cast. Rupert Grint of the “Harry Potter” fame was picked to star in the series. It was about a young man who inherits a fortune and uses this to grant the wishes of strangers.

The premise of “Super Clyde” revolved around the central character bringing goodwill and playing hero. The show was set as a half-hour comedy, but by some stroke of bad luck, CBS decided not to pick the show to series.

The pilot episode of “Super Clyde” never made it on air on television. But because of Grint’s “Harry Potter” fan base, CBS temporarily made the first and only episode available on its website, which actually received a lot of positive feedback.

It’s not known why CBS decided not to pick the show, but two years after, it looks like the network is changing its mind.

As reported on Deadline, the show is going to get redeveloped for the upcoming season (2015-2016). The status of its original stars are still unclear. Other than Grint, the pilot episode also had another famous British actor in the cast. Stephen Fry played Clyde’s butler in “Super Clyde.”

Details to the redevelopment are still scarce at this point, but the feedback from Grint’s fans has been buzzing on social media. The revival of “Super Clyde” will only be better of Grint is also back in it. Back when Garcia developed the show for the first time, he remarked that he was proud of the series and its cast.

Garcia, who created “My Name is Earl” on NBC and “Raising Hope” on FOX, recently ended “The Millers” on CBS.

We’ll keep you updated about the development of “Super Clyde” here on Movie News Guide (MNG), so keep checking back for the news.

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