CBS’ Stalker Adds a New Regular Cast Member

By April Lara | 3 years ago
CBS’ Stalker Adds a New Regular Cast Member
A portrait of Dylan McDermott.

CBS’ “Stalker” is labeled as one of the scariest TV shows coming this fall, and the show just recently added a new cast member to spice things up even more. Read on to find out who the new cast member is.

Elisabeth Rohm (“Law & Order”) is joining “Stalker” as a regular cast member. She will play the role of Amanda, a Los Angeles Deputy District attorney. She will be assigned to the Threat Assessment Unit where Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q work. Rohm is a single mom, and things got even more complicated when she starts to work together with Jack Larsen (McDermott), her ex-boyfriend.

According to past details divulged about McDermott’s character, he seem to be trying too hard to forget his past,  which is a mysteryy. With Rohm joining in the cast as an attorney and someone from Larsen’s past, this is going to be really interesting. In fact, it made us even more interested and excited to watch “Stalker.”

To make things even better, the show guarantees a very thrilling pilot episode. Without giving it all away, the first three minutes of the pilot would be very disturbing. There is an explosion, a frightened woman and a creepy man.

Let’s not forget that Kevin Williamson, the mastermind of “Stalker,” was also the writer of “Scream 2.” Now that is really something to look forward to.

Furthermore, Williamson noted that while “Stalker” can be compared with “The Following,” it is not like it. “Stalker,” as he explained, is a crime drama which focuses on stalkers, the stalkers’ victims and the department which addresses these cases.

“‘Stalker’ is a scary, eerie show because of the storylines. And I’m not going to shy away from it,” said Williamson to Daily News.

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