Celebrities With Really Bad Behavior

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Celebrities With Really Bad Behavior
Oscar Winners Christian Bale at the 83rd Academy Awards Feb. 27, in Hollywood, Calif./Staff Sgt. Carlos Lazo

If you think that your boss is horrible, just be thankful that they didn’t become celebrities. A lot of movie and TV stars, when  interviewed, would always tell that the place that they are in right now is very humbling. Every little thing that they say and do can have an impact on a lot of people. But then there are some celebrities whose look on fame is a bit askew but, coupled with their bad behavior, have really become annoying to watch. Unfortunately, they couldn’t check their bad attitude before working, and so a lot of people are victimized by it. Here are some actors who are known for their bad behavior and are difficult to work with.

Katherine Heigl

The success of her TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” and her hit movie “Knocked Up” have placed Heigl on the cusp of superstardom. She was in every screen imaginable, and then she started to talk. In an interview for her movie “Knocked Up,” Heigl described the movie as sexist and proceeded to tell how the writing pool of “Grey’s Anatomy” was mediocre. And to add insult to the injury, after winning an award for her role in “Grey’s Anatomy,” she returned the trophy, saying that she felt that there wasn’t enough writing material for her to warrant an acting nod. After that incident, she has been branded by everyone as someone pretty with a really bad behavior.

Shia LaBeouf

LaBeouf was an upcoming actor, and he started to get noticed in films like the “Transformers.” But then the actor took a sharp turn and even went as far as openly criticizing the people who have helped his career like Michael Bay and even remarked in an interview that not only did he hate the “Transformers” film, but he also hated making it.

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan started out as an adorable child star starring in films like “Parent Trap.” She also transitioned into a young star, appearing in movies like “Freaky Friday” and the cult hit “Mean Girls.” After “Mean Girls,” Lohan started to spiral out of control, partying like there is no tomorrow, hanging out with a bad crowd. These slowly affected her work, always tardy, demanding a lot things and always at the cross hairs with the law.

Alec Baldwin

Everyone knows that Alec Baldwin has a bad attitude. His rants have become a shared experience for everyone, especially in social media. But one of his most memorable outbursts was of a voicemail that was leaked about his young daughter where he called her a pig.

Christian Bale

The last on our list, Bale, is an award-winning actor. He also has a bad temper. In a viral video, Bale was shown to be in a bad temper, cussing at the lighting department for interrupting his process of getting into character for his movie “Terminator Salvation.”

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Staff Sgt. Carlos Lazo


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