Celebrity Apprentice Recap: I Wish I Had a Project Manager

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Celebrity Apprentice Recap: I Wish I Had a Project Manager
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“Celebrity Apprentice” Season 14 Episode 4 “I Wish I Had a Project Manager” aired last Jan. 19, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. The episode kicks off with Ian Ziering and Johnny Damon greeting the other celebrities after the Boardroom deliberation. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Before the announcement of the challenge, Joan Rivers arrives to be Donald Trump’s adviser. She was a winner from the past seasons. The challenge is to create a marketing event, specifically a mobile boutique, for Ivanka Trump shoes. The theme is “Power Up” to focus on the working women. Suddenly, Sig Hansen complains that the challenges are so feminine.

“I can’t find my penis in the morning,” Sig says.

After a good laugh, Donald assures him that it will be okay because he has female members in his team. The Project Managers are Vivica Fox from Team Vortex and Kenya Moore from Team Infinity.

During the teams’ brainstorming session, Kenya insists to have a piano to capture the elegant image of Nordstrom. Leeza Gibbons disagrees because it is too old-fashioned. In Team Vortex, Geraldo Rivera is busy pitching his ideas. Shawn Johnson wants emphasis on comfort. Lorenzo Lamas thinks of having a barista because of the Nordstrom concept.

The problem for Team Vortex is the truck is too “tiny.” Vivica decides to convert it to a cafe. Kate Gosselin and Shawn are frustrated because they already bought $500 worth of drapes. They become so sure that they are in a “sinking ship” because the cafe theme is too confusing for them.

While Team Vortex is having a problem with the truck’s size, Kenya is busy with the layout. She suddenly thinks about the slogan “Power Up Your Sole.” Leeza thinks it is a nice tagline, but she cannot see the concept. Brandi agrees with her. Everyone is busy putting out the shoes except Kenya. She is so meticulous with the placement of the chandelier and the piano.

After Leeza said that she wishes she had a broom while cleaning the truck, Brandi says, “I wish I had a project manager.”

In the Boardroom, both teams are confident to win. When Kate told Donald that the flower decorations are important yet neglected by the Project Manager, Vivica is enraged. On the other hand, Kenya and Brandi managed to settle their differences that makes Donald pleasantly surprised.

Ivanka says that Team Vortex has a nice theme, but they did not emphasize the product. She thinks the foot massage feature of Kenya’s boutique is irrelevant, but they successfully conveyed their message creatively and the product was the focus.  That means Team Vortex is in jeopardy, and Vivica must choose two people to return in the Boardroom. Kenya wins money for her charity Detroit Public School System.

During deliberation, Ivanka tells Shawn that she feels lack of energy from her during the presentation. Sig and Kate are not satisfied with Vivica’s leadership. However, Joan and Geraldo both think that Vivica is a strong leader. Shawn and Kate are chosen to return.

“I stepped up when no one has the courage to,” Vivica says to save herself.

Donald agrees strongly. Vivica respects Shawn’s principles and says Kate is the weakest. However, Donald emphasizes that Kate and Vivica already experienced being Project Managers and both won. He blames Shawn for not stepping up that made her team lose. With that, he fires her.

Going out of the Boardroom, Kate still thinks Vivica must go.

The next challenge is to make a viral video about Chock Full O’ Nuts using GoPro cameras. The teams will be judges according to creativity, brand messaging and entertainment value. The Project Managers are Leeza from Team Infinity and Lorenzo from Team Vortex. The winning Project Manager will get $40,000.

Lorenzo is confident to be a successful director because he was a television and musical director. Geraldo is humming a song about the product that Lorenzo automatically casts him as the main character. Their concept is from old to modern. Geraldo thinks about singing at first and rapping in the last part. Lorenzo thinks Geraldo is perfect for the role because it is an old brand.

While Team Vortex is harmonious, Ian is busy sharing his ideas. Kenya laughs at his idea of having King Kong in the video. Everyone agrees that Ian’s ideas are not capable to make a viral video.

Team Vortex prepares for the shoot. However, Kate takes a long time to have her hair and make-up done. Vivica keeps on reminding her to finish that makes her mad.

During Team Infinity’s shoot, Leeza and Ian are arguing about taking a long time to finish just one shot. Everyone’s attention shifts to Kenya and Brandi having a mock fight for the video. The two housewives also film a dream sequence on the bed. Obviously, both are forced to be sweet with each other. While choosing the right shots, Ian gets controlling. He even wants Brandi out of the room.

In the Boardroom, Vivica thinks Kate is the weakest because she took a long time to get ready. On the other hand, Lorenzo is too confident with his team’s performance that he cannot tell who is the weakest.

After the videos are shown, some contestants are starting to put out their claws to save themselves. Kenya attacks Brandi for having cheap shots. She becomes personal about Brandi’s husband leaving her for a prettier and younger woman. Donald disagrees and says Brandi is “very pretty.”

Ivanka says that Team Vortex has a perfect presentation of the product, but it is not a viral video. On the other hand, Team Infinity has an edgy video, but the product is not emphasized. Donald announces Team Infinity’s win. Leeza wins for her charity Care Connection for family caregivers.

Lorenzo is in great disbelief that they did not win. Vivica blames Kate for delaying production process. Although, Kate defends herself and gives some flaws about Vivica, she disagrees that Vivica must be fired. Lorenzo does not want to choose the two weakest members. He also thinks he is not ready to go. Because of his indecisiveness, he is fired.

The show ends with Ivanka criticizing Kenya’s comment about Brandi, Lorenzo having no hard feelings and a dedication for the late Joan Rivers.

There you have it for the recap on “Celebrity Apprentice” Season 14 Episode 4 “I Wish I Had a Project Manager,” which aired last Jan. 19, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. Catch the next episode on Jan. 26, 2015. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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