Celebrity Scandal – Top Five Issues Easily Swayed Hollywood Radar

By Chan Lasan | 1 year ago
Celebrity Scandal – Top Five Issues Easily Swayed Hollywood Radar
Bruno Mars

Celebrity scandal in Hollywood is the most entertaining thing for this generation. But what are the scandals that media kind of just gloss over?

#1 Bruno Mars

This celebrity scandal includes him being arrested for felony cocaine possession. In 2010, the said charges were dropped after he paid P2,000. Aside from that, Bruno Mars also underwent 8 hours of counselling and was obliged to comply 200 hours of community service.

#2 Chumlee

This Pawn Stars cast member was arrested after the police raided his home and found marijuana, crystal meth and several firearms last March 9, 2016. To avoid jail time, Chumlee pleaded guilty last May 23, 2016. At the meantime, he continuously receives counselling and is under three-year probation.

#3 Dolores O’Riordan

According to Cracked, The Cranberries vocalist had a disruptive behavior as she landed home from JFK to Ireland flight. The female singer was asked by a stewardess to sit down but she became so violently aggressive that resulted to calling the police. In the end, she was detained for 24 hours and treated for mental issues due to the said celebrity scandal.

#4 Danny Glover

The former President of Venezuela lends $18 million dollars to this 70-year-old actor. This is in order to execute a film about the slave revolt of Haiti and Toussaint L’ouverture. However, no updates of the production were revealed so far as of May 2016.

Venezuela is in the middle of economic crisis but Danny Glover has never returned the money he received. This is regardless of the suggestion given by several outlets.

#5 Nicolas Cage and Vince Neil

These two were hanging out in Las Vegas casino last April 2016. A woman reportedly asked for an autograph from the Ghost Rider star. Unfortunately, Neil allegedly grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground.

Cage was recorded stopping his friend from making a scene. In the end, Vince Neil was charged with misdemeanour battery and could face six months imprisonment if convicted.

So there you go! The top five celebrity scandal glossed over by media. It seems like some issues can manage to still get through the Hollywood radar.

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Photo Source: Facebook | Bruno Mars

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