‘Chandelier’ Hitmaker, Sia Has New Music Video With Another Cute Mini-Me

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
‘Chandelier’ Hitmaker, Sia Has New Music Video With Another Cute Mini-Me
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Sia, the talented singer behind the hit “Chandelier” has a fresh music video. In true Sia tradition, a mini-me takes the singer/songwriter’s place in “Alive”, which was released on Thursday.

The new mini-Sia is no other than, 9-year-old actress and dancer Mahiro Takano. Wearing a two-tone Sia wig, Takano amazes with an exciting karate routine. The video was shot in Chiba, Japan, directed by Sia herself and Daniel Askill, who was also responsible for other viral hits like “Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart”, and “Big Girls Cry”. The shoot took about a week to complete.

Let us get to know Takano some more, shall well? She is a three-time Japan karate champion in her age group. Proving she is indeed an active kid, Takano finishes her homework before dinner but is really into skateboarding, playing video games, and bouncing on her trampoline.

Mahiro ‘s name means “ten thousand kindness, as well as ten thousand talents”. She gives sweet smiles when not screaming while doing kicks. Her signature kicks, turns, and punches in the air are part of “kata” forms and can be compared to choreography in the Japanese defensive martial art of karate.

Kata competition is different from combat matches but is also part of the sport. When doing kata, you slip into an attentive character, Takano said in an interview. By visualizing “a far more powerful enemy.”

She lost a contest once. This was when she was in kindergarten. She wept because it was so painful to lose. Takano shares great advice, though. The trick is to train as if you are in competition and participate as if you are in practice. “I want to go to the Olympics,” she said, “and win a gold medal.”

Takano found making a music video was “quite fun” Asked if she would do it again, CTV News reports that she agreed, especially if Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift offers.

Watch Takano and her moves while listening to Sia’s wonderful new song, “Alive”, here:

Trivia: “Alive” was initially written for Adele and is the lead single in Sia’s upcoming album entitled “This is Acting”. (via People Magazine)


Photo Source: Instagram/siafurlersource

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