Chandler Parsons Still Pissed With DeAndre Jordan Snub On The Mavs, But Ecstatic With Dallas’ Current Roster

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Chandler Parsons Still Pissed With DeAndre Jordan Snub On The Mavs, But Ecstatic With Dallas’ Current Roster
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The reeling of coveted big man DeAndre Jordan was a nerve-racking experienced for the Dallas Mavericks which was further aggravated by the 6-11 center’s last minute snub as he stayed in Los Angeles. To a great extent, Mavericks small forward Chandler Parsons was deeply offended as he was on the forefront of the recruiting team that took a stab in convincing the Clippers free agent to pack his bags and head to Texas.

In an interview with Shams Charania via Real GM, Parsons divulged all their undertaking so Jordan will wear a Mavericks jersey in the upcoming season.

“We had Mavs gear shipped to DeAndre for the season. We picked out his locker. We picked out where he was going to sit on the team bus and plane. We picked out his No. 6 jersey,” the former University of Florida standout attested on their failed enticement.

The team even zeroed in on where Jordan will settle as it will be just within walking distance to restaurants.

Jordan’s verbal agreement to a four-year max deal never materialized and it left the Mavericks scrambling to fill the void. Parsons took it as a hard pill to swallow saying that the Mavericks organization offered everything to the two-time NBA rebounding leader.

“The opportunity to get the ball more, to be an MVP candidate, to be the man and take the next step in his career,” Chandler Parsons recollects their pitch to his old friend.

Despite what seems to be a long season to be a contender in the grueling Western Conference, Parsons was ecstatic for the approaching season. In a report from Yahoo Sports, Parsons believes that the floor now is going to feel wide open especially, with the current roster.

“Now, it will be more fluid, with Deron Williams, Dirk [Nowitzki], Wes [Matthews]. Even in JaVale McGee, we saw how talented he has been,” Parsons brimmed with confidence.

The Dallas Mavericks, in the next season, as Parsons claims, are talented despite having chips in their shoulders. Both Williams and McGee had their own personal issues in Brooklyn and Denver respectively, and veteran Nowitzki has been tagged as a has-been. He and Matthews are also both recuperating from a major surgery.

Chandler Parsons managed to an average of 4.9 rebounds, 2.4 assists,1.0 steals and  15.7 points per game. A knee injury ruled him out of the remainder of the season.

Photo Source: Facebook/Dallas Mavericks

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