Channel Zero Season 1 Episode 4: Lily In Iron Hill, Truth On Mrs. Booth; Season 2 Updates

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Channel Zero Season 1 Episode 4: Lily In Iron Hill, Truth On Mrs. Booth; Season 2 Updates

Channel Zero: Candle Cove Season 1 Episode 4 teases on unveiling the truth about Mrs. Booth. Will the coming episode answer why Lily mysteriously arrives in Iron Hill? Also, know the Season 2 updates.

Unlike other horror television series, Syfy’s Channel Zero: Candle Cove offers a different kind of scare. The series somehow mixes psychological thriller with supernatural.

At this point of the story, the supernatural part is still questionable whether it is causing the deaths or just a representation. But Channel Zero: Candle Cove Season 1 Episode 3 revealed important details.

First, Mike confessed to killing Eddie back in 1988. He later denied in when Officer Margot questioned him regarding the incident in an abandoned house of Gary.

The previous episode revealed a much chilling aspect of the story. The sweet and accommodating Mrs. Booth possibly connects herself with the deaths. She also killed Daphne in her house and buried Tim’s body in the forest.

Marla also started to dream of the tooth child while Mike got surprised when Lily mysteriously arrived in Iron Hill.

In the coming episode of Channel Zero: Candle Cove, Mike will do everything to protect her daughter from the mysterious Candle Cove. The synopsis from IMDB revealed that Lily may hold the key to the truth behind the tooth child.

As for Daphne and Tim, Iron Hill may find out the two are missing and may point the blame to Mike. It is also possible that Mrs. Booth dark children may cause another bizarre event, just like in the previous episode.

Will Amy, Mike and Marla find out the truth about Mrs. Booth murders?

In other news, Syfy just renewed the series for a Season 2. According to reports, the second installment will adopt another creepypasta tale called Channel Zero: The No-End House.

Season 2 will see the return of John Carroll Lynch. The second chapter will revolve around a house “with disturbing rooms.”

Channel Zero: Candle Cove Episode 4 A Strange Vessel airs on November 1, 2016.

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