Channing Tatum Gets Back To The Grind in ‘Magic Mike XXL’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Channing Tatum Gets Back To The Grind in ‘Magic Mike XXL’ [WATCH VIDEO]

The film that made every Channing Tatum fan girl got their eyes widening and their voices squealing from his sexiness is making its return to the big screen. “Magic Mike XXL” brings back the grind and the excitement. Read on to know more about this preview.

Last year, Channing Tatum, along with his co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carrell, managed to amaze his audience when he starred in the heavy thriller-drama, the “Foxcatcher.” He definitely played out of his usual role and left the party-going jock to the tweeny, romantic movies. He put on the real visage of a dedicated athlete who experienced the hardships of life. But now that the actor has proved his serious caliber, he then sets aside the serious and goes back to wooing his audiences with his gyrating movies as he reprises his role for “Magic Mike XXL.”

According to, the recently released trailer for “Magic Mike XXL” showcases more of the sexy, grinding dance moves that the viewers are expecting. Plus, there seems to an impending performance to much bigger audience like they were to perform in a competition. From First Showing, the following is the official synopsis of the film:

“Magic Mike XXL is directed by Gregory Jacobs (producer of Magic Mike) and written by Reid Carolin. Three years after the first film, the remaining Kings of Tampa are ready to throw in the towel. But they want to do it their way: burning down the house in one last blow-out performance in Myrtle Beach, and with legendary headliner Magic Mike (Tatum) sharing the spotlight with them. On the road to their final show, with whistle stops in Jacksonville and Savannah to renew old acquaintances and make new friends, Mike and the guys learn some new moves and shake off the past in surprising ways.”

Original director Steven Soderbergh will not be coming back to the sequel as well as Award Winning actor Matthew McConaughey. Fortunately, majority of the characters apart from Tatum will be reprising their roles like Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez, Kevin Nash, Gabriel Iglesias, and Joe Manganiello. New cast will also be introduced are Elizabeth Banks, Michael Strahan, Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard, and Donald Glover.

“Magic Mike XXL” opens in theaters this July 1, 2015.

That concludes our “Magic Mike XXL” preview. Continue to keep your tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more information on upcoming films, popular celebrities and ongoing TV shows.

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