Channing Tatum Getting Ready for Daredevil Act

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
Channing Tatum Getting Ready for Daredevil Act

It seems that Channing Tatum, who was in news recently for supposedly playing the character of daredevil Evel Knievel in an upcoming biopic on the stuntman, has said ‘yes’ for it as he was seen practicing motocross skills in the desert. Read for more information,

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Tatum, whose name was involved with the project since 2012 for playing the character of the Guinness Book of World Records holder, has gone to his Instagram page to share his excitement.

“Got a lot to learn, But so much fun. And completely terrifying in a good way,” Tatum wrote.

Last year, the actor showed his long term admiration for the iconic stuntman while talking to Jimmy Fallon at NBC’s The Tonight Show by saying that Knievel was just incredible and so far ahead of his time.

“We really loved the beginning of his life, the early part of his life, where he was a complete scoundrel,” Tatum smilingly stated on the show.

“The story we’re focusing on was how he got to that first jump. The early stuff. That’s the most interesting part,” Tatum told USA Today last year and revealed that the movie will be based on Stuart Barker’s 2008 book “Life of Evel.”

Two days ago, Tatum expressed his gratitude towards his friends for showing patient by posting a comment and video on his Instagram account.

Tatum wrote, “1st jump ever today! Thanks to very patient friends. I’m addicted. Thanks Arin and Steve.”

Earlier as well, he posted a picture on his social networking page and commented, “Just finished a riding course today. I’ve rode dirt bikes for a while. Now I can just do it legally.”

It was already confirmed that Darren Aronofsky of “The Wrestler’s” fame will direct the movie but the time for the starting of the shoot is not confirmed yet. Well, the way Tatum is practicing, it seems as if he is following the instructions from the makers to learn all the necessary stunts before the beginning of shoot.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Channing Tatum

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