Channing Tatum Hates ‘G.I.Joe’

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Channing Tatum Hates ‘G.I.Joe’

“G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra” that released in 2009 was one of the best performing movies of the year and had met with great commercial success at the box office. It also did wonders for lead Channing Tatum who was signed on to play Duke, G.I.Joe’s sergeant. However Channing had something else to say about the movie at The Howard Stern Show recently.

According to Yahoo! Movies, the actor who was on the show candidly confessed that in reality he didn’t like the movie at all. He in fact hated it and did not even wanted to be a part of the movie. He also went ahead mentioning that he was forced to be a part of the movie against his will. One might wonder that if he did not like the movie then why did he choose to be a part of it? The actor mentioned that he was under a three movie deal with Paramount and after having done “Coach Carter” he was offered “G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra”. When he was offered the movie, he asked if he could play the role of Snake Eyes but was told that he was being cast for the role of Duke, who happens to be one of the most important characters in G.I.Joe. He had no option but to star in the movie when the studio called.

He also added that the script was no good which further didn’t want him to star in it. Even though after all of this he stated that he was lucky and felt blessed that he was a part of the movie as it put him on the list of the most sought after actors. When he was told that it was actually Mark Wahlberg who was initially offered the role of Duke, he said that if that was the case then he could have probably done a Mark Wahlberg impression of the character and perhaps that would have lead to his performance being better than what he put on screen. He also spoke about the movies he himself chose and how fond he is of his choices. One of them being “21 Jump Street” along side Jonah Hill who himself didn’t think that doing the movie was a good idea. Channing said that his team too discouraged him from being a part of the movie but he did anyways and really loved working in it.

Finally when being asked about his version of “Ghostbusters” movie that Sony announced, he just said that the movie is far from production and the “thing” has gone messy.

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Photo source: Facebook/G.I.Joe

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