Channing Tatum in The Forever War by Warner Bros!

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Channing Tatum in The Forever War by Warner Bros!

“The Forever War” has finally got a break, given Warner Bros had been running after it since long now. Jump Street actor, Channing Tatum has been nabbed to play the lead in the movie.

“The Forever War’ movie is an adaptation of Joe Haldeman’s sci-fi novel with the same name published in 1974. The story is based on Joe Haldeman’s personal experiences encountered during Vietnam War.

The movie will revolve around a young guy named William Mandella, who is recruited to go for a space fight with aliens called Taurans. Finally, returning to Earth after many battles, he finds himself trapped in the time-effect space period had on him and the military force. While they aged normally, the Earth had spun centuries which called for a lot of troubles and adjustments. The main character, William Mandella will be played by Channing Tatum, 35 but his ladylove in the movie and rest of the cast is yet to be revealed.

Ridley Scott assumed the directorial mantle in 2008 when he bought rights for the movie “The Forever War”. David Peoples, Matthew Michael Carnahan and Dante Harper worked on the drafts of the script. Richard Edlund had brought special effects rights in 1970 and held onto them for 20 years.

Recently, when the rights lapsed, Richard Edlund still remains involved in the movie project in producer capacity. Ridley Scott is no longer a part of the project.

Roy Lee along with Channing Tatum and his Free Association executives, also Film 360 are producing the sci-fi movie. Jon Spaihts, Prometheus and Passengers screenwriter is onboard to write the script as well.

Warner Bros won the movie project “The Forever War” from Sony and another studio on Thursday late afternoon.

We just hope there are no more wars to be seen by this movie project. It has got Channing Tatum, the Magic Mike will be having his magic on board.

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