‘23 Jump Street’ Finally Happening? Channing Tatum Reveals New Look

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
‘23 Jump Street’ Finally Happening? Channing Tatum Reveals New Look
Channing Tatum

Greg Jenko of “21 Jump Street” is ready to make a blockbuster comeback. The speculations are model cum actor Channing Tatum will be reprising the role of Jenko in the upcoming sequel. Rumors were later confirmed by “22 Jump Street” duo director Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Read on to find out more about the revelation.

Tatum recently posted a picture on Instagram. The picture depicts Tatum in a Hungarian mustache paired with a furry coat with a caption that says, “Let’s just not even go into what this about.”

The sequels might open up at Soviet; however, there is no official confirmation about the filming location for the movie. Jonah Hill will reprise his role in the series as Morton Schmidt.

The director duo, Miller and Lord, are set to take charge of production for “23 Jump Street,” as stated by Cosmopolitan UK.

Sony Pictures and Original Films announced the confirmation of a third “Jump Street” installment and a likely “Men in Black” crossover as well during Sept. 2014.

Through the Television Critics Association Press tour, Miller mentioned that they have already incorporated sequel ideas for former “Jump Street” sequels.

According to Realty Today, the acclaimed director confirmed in an interview about the progress of “23 Jump Street.” He revealed that the initial drafts of the script are already done. He further added that the current team has some brilliant ideas that were not disclosed in the concluding credits of the latest installment.

“Jump Street” fans are super excited to watch live comedy and the reprisal of roles of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. However, there is nothing official about the release of “23 Jump Street” yet; fans will only have to eagerly wait for that.

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Photo Source: Channing Tatum/Instagram

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